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The Most Common Furnace Problems Seen During Winters!

It is again that time of year when you start using your heating system regularly. But have you just switched it on and found out that it is showing several issues? It is natural if you haven’t taken care or even looked at the heating system during the rest of the year (which is absolutely wrong!). Your heating system requires some attention and maintenance even when it’s not working if you want it to last long and give fruitful results.

Some Issues Your Furnace Shows After Starting After a Long Time!

Most of the time your gas furnace shows minor or even serious issues during winters or when it is restarted after a long period of time. It is always advisable to contact Craig’s Gas & Plumbing for gas heater service in Melbourne during such time. They are experienced in repairing any type of gas heaters and would look into the matter immediately for you. Call them when you find the below-listed issues in your furnace:

The furnace isn’t working at all

If your furnace isn’t responding at all to your commands and it is almost dead, then the problem may be quite serious. It could either be a power circuit break off in the system, or the thermostat settings would have been to the lowest, or a blown fuse and a low gas supply. For all these problems, you need to call an expert repairer who can look into the matter of your furnace immediately and help you out.

Furnace doesn’t produce enough heat

Sometimes the furnace is working, but the amount of heat it produces is very less as compared to its normal power. The most common reason for this issue can be dirty air filters. You just have to clean or change the air filters and the problem can be solved. It still persists, change your thermostat settings — and if both of these tricks don’t work, call an expert to look into this matter.

The constantly running blower

If you find that your blower is constantly running no matter what you do, then firstly check your thermostat settings. Maybe you would have punched the option of constant blowing of the fan . And if this isn’t the issue, then maybe your furnace’s blower fan is having issues and needs replacement. Only an expert repairer can let you know if the problem is that serious.

Weird noise in the furnace

A weird noise coming from your heating system is a clear indication that something is not right with your furnace. If it is a high-pitched voice, then maybe the fans are asking for good lubrication. If it’s a slightly low but destructive sound, the belts inside would have shifted from their place, while a light noise means the air filters are dirty. Call the experts to pinpoint the cause and eradicate the trouble.

All these issues are quite common in any kind of furnace. And if your gas furnace is showing one or all of these issues, it’s always best to call the experts and let them inspect the same.

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