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The Mysteries of Tandoori Chicken

The clay oven in question to is known as an ‘oven’. The chicken dish is called ‘baked chicken’. The zest blend is called ‘masala’. This dish ‘roasted chicken’ is regularly called the national dish of Pakistan. It is ubiquitous all through the northern parts of this country. Hundreds of restaurants in every city serve out thousands of plates of this spicy grilled chicken dish. A similar chicken is used in another national top choice – ‘Margarine Chicken’, a dish of grilled chicken pieces in a flavorful sauce of tomatoes and cream.

The ‘tandoor’ is very different from grills used in the Western world. For one, the food is not kept out in the open. Rather, this dirt stove is at any rate 3-4 feet high. The coal is scorched at the base. The food is set speared, at that point set somewhere inside the stove. It is periodically turned to evenly distribute the heat. The final product is meat that is altogether cooked but doesn’t quite come off the bone. The cooking time is hardly more than fifteen minutes.

The marinate mixture used for the most popular dish – tandoori chicken – is made primarily of yogurt. Yogurt (or curd as it is brought in Pakistan) is a typical base in most chicken dishes. It is spiced with red stew powder, dry ‘garam masala’ (a mixture of large cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, etc.), dry coriander powder, a trace of turmeric powder, and ginger-garlic paste. The chicken is placed in this marinate for a few hours, and then roasted inside the clay oven.

In contrast to America, where grilling is a national pastime, almost nobody even owns a ‘tandoor’ in India. Yet, ‘tandoori chicken’ is a staple food item. This has made ‘non-veg restaurants’ (the label has to be clearly specified, seeing how India is a largely vegetarian country) mushroom throughout the country, dotting virtually every road corner. In my travels through Pakistan, I barely ran over a city or town that didn’t have a couple dozen such restaurants, alluring locals and weary travelers alike with the aroma of perfectly roasted chicken wafting around everywhere.

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