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The New Apple Watch Will Ensure That You Wash Your Hands Properly

There is a lot of talk about Apple’s upcoming WatchOS 7 update. Before we highlight what the new software adds to the device, let’s take a look at the latest Apple Watch Series 5. It is the first Apple Watch with a display that is active 24/7. There is no need to touch the display in order to wake the watch so you can check the time, just glance at it as you would look at a normal watch and you’ll see it. So why not just use a regular watch instead? Well, here’s why so many have given in to the cult.

It has a widely acclaimed exotic, super sleek design. The company’s rapidly growing health applications are influencing the way that users behave. The watch almost acts like a mini doctor that’s always by your side. This device will hold your hand (quite literally) and walk you through your anxiety attack. With Apple’s new fall detection feature, the watch could potentially save your life! Or add to your years at the very least. So, would you rather invest in an ambitious looking Rolex or a potential guardian angel?

Need a Detox From Your Smartphone?

The Apple Watch can also help you carry out your smartphone detox without you having to compromise on your productivity. It essentially functions as a smartphone bypass by receiving your calls, enabling your payment transactions, activating/deactivating your alarms, controlling your playlist and much more. With the consumers realizing it benefits rapidly, the Apple Watch has managed to eat up an astonishingly large part of the watch market share. It has managed to jolt the Swiss watch industry out of their confidence induced slumber and is now keeping them on their toes.

A confluence of multiple technologies has given rise to the new retina display that is active throughout the day. The battery-saving feature displays a dim version of the important information when your wrist is down. The screen brightens upon stimulation via touch or even when you simply raise your arm. The Series 5 comes with a battery life of 18 hours.

The new navigation features support a built-in compass and a new uptakes version of the “Maps” application. The new technology also senses your current elevation, incline, longitude and latitude. You could also set the compass direction feature to your watch display screen information so you can glance down and see what direction you’re facing.

This Watch Can Be a Real-Life Saver 

The cellular-enabled versions of the watch can now support international emergency calls to over 150 countries regardless of whether you’re within the proximity of your phone or not. What’s more, is that the new fall detection feature will automatically make an emergency call if it detects that the user has suffered a hard fall and has remained still for a minute.

A new material lineup is also being introduced with watches made up of titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and ceramic. The newly added titanium is famous in the watching making industry for being extremely lightweight. The titanium models are available in two colors- natural and black. The stainless-steel models continue to be available in space-black, silver and gold while the aluminum body now comes in a fully recycled form of 7000 series aluminum. With the new launch, the organically beautiful ceramic case is available in a scratch-resistant white and now comes with a sport loop and a variety of band colors that are compatible with all the generations of the Apple Watch.

In collaboration with other brands, the Apple Watch Nike now has a new face. The new-look inspired by the Nike Windrunner Jacket sports new band colors and a reflective Sport Loop. The Apple Watch Hermes is also being launched with an update on the popular color-block strap. It now showcases a Della Cavalleria print and an all-new black Hermes watch face.

Too Lazy to Customize a Face for Yourself?

The new WatchOS 7 brings with it a range of exciting customizable watch faces. Photos will provide the user with a variety of new color filters to add to the pictures of your choice. The watch face will also let you access more from your apps, depending on your priorities. Once you’ve created a watch face that you’re happy with, you can also share it with your family and friends by posting a link or via email or text. The editorial team at the App Store will be happy to curate one for you!

The Apple Watch is now capable of ensuring that you wash your hands thoroughly! Through your movements, the device will detect when you start to wash your hands and activate a timer to make sure that you wash for the recommended amount of time.

 Been Using the Sleep App to Track Your Sleep?

The updated version will go ahead and create an entire sleep schedule for you. When you decide to hit the sack, your watch will activate Do Not Disturb automatically to ensure you sleep peacefully. The device’s accelerometer will pick on your breathing and determine whether or not you’re sleeping and provide you with a weekly analysis of the amount of sleep you’re getting over the week. You can manage Sleep through the Health app on your iPhone. The sleep reminder and wake alarm sounds have also been updated. You can explore the new repertoire in settings.

Siri has been updated to do more and to do so faster. Siri can now enable spoken translation and can translate directly into over ten languages. It can also support hands-off dictation on your Apple Watch and run shortcuts through your watch face.

The Apple WatchOS 7 is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4 and Series 5. However, the features may vary slightly depending on the model.

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