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The Old Guard: What Are the Ages of The Immortals?

Andromache the Scythian is more than six centuries old. Netflix recently released a movie based on these comics, and it received a fairly good review. The age of the protagonist, Andy, was intentionally not clarified because that would take away the mystique. But here is a close estimation of what the other characters’ ages are:


In the movie, Quynh is depicted only in the part where the film goes into a flashback. Determination of her age is the hardest of them all. Comics have given her the nickname of Noriko. Andy says that the two women met during the conclusion of the conquest of the Byzantine empire by Amr ibn al-As al-Sahmi back in 642. Noriko was immortal for a century before that. Simple math puts her around 500 BC. In the movie, Andy says that Noriko is the first fellow immortal she encountered, but the comics differ a little. As per the texts, Andy met Lykon before Noriko. The two fought together for two centuries, and then Lykon’s injuries did not heal anymore.

Yusuf Al-Kaysani

Yusuf a.k.a. Joe, played by Marwan Kenzari, was supposedly born in 1066. The mention of this is on his character poster. If this is true, then the man was 954 years old when the movie Old Guard takes place. Yusuf changed his name to Joe Jones to not be in constant limelight. He was a Mohammedan fighter at the time of the First Crusade and met his love on the battlefield before killing him. Ironically, they were the new Old Guard members and kept trying to murder each other to no avail. When they realized that they were incapable of dying, they ended up falling in love with each other

Nicoló De Genoa

Nicoló a.k. Nicky and Joe were very few years apart, but that difference fades away with time if your destiny forces you to live for centuries. As per Nicky’s character poster, he was born in 1069. With that being established as a fact, he was 49 years short of being a century old when the Old Guard takes place. Nicky changed his name from Nicoló De Genoa to Nick Smith to make it easier for everyone and support his desire for anonymity. Nicky was originally from Genoa.

Sebastien Le Livre

Like all the others, Sebastien changed his name to Booker somewhere between his first death and the present day. Booker is the youngest of the entire group until Nile walks in, and his character poster says that he was born in 1770. He was a warrior behind Napoleon but abandoned the camp to Russia. For this crime, the army caught him and hung him in 1812. He was 42 years old then. He soon came to life, hanging from the same noose.

The movie was a directorial project of Gina Prince-Bythewood and told a tale of fighters and warriors who have been around for centuries at once and cannot die even if they want to. The group earns by fighting in conflicts from the side of the army that they feel is more moral.

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