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The Soaring Economy of Tabletop Board Game Funding

In the 21st century, people have adjusted according to technology, which has led them to play board games online. Earlier, a limited number of board games were available, but now the millennials have every game on their phone, and the Gen Z adjusted to the online games. Ticket to Ride, Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, etc. were the most popular and mainstream games in every household before technology stole our family time.

Soon, the global pandemic came into the picture and forced people to stay home. The world was quarantined and was practicing social distancing, which led everyone to spend more time with their families and to dive deep into their hobbies and interests. With the new change to the world, the approach to board games also changed. Now, the board game creators have combined interest, creativity, and strategies to strike everyone’s attention. This year, after the world began to practice social distancing, the board game creators found an increment in the rate of interest of the people in board games. By the end of March, Frosthaven – the dungeon crawling reached its funding goal of $500,000 on Kickstarters, within a few hours. That’s how it became the most funded board game on the site with $13 million.

The success of Frosthaven has marked a positive shift in the community of tabletop gaming after a lot of years. This game has been strategized in a way to make it adventurous, engaging, and interesting for the players. Along with this, the creators made room for the players to voice their opinions, ideas, feedback, and changes that they might want in the game. Cree Wilson, the programming and tabletop gaming manager for Comicpalooza, mentioned that the friendly local game stores had witnessed an increase in sales of board games in the times of social distancing. Hundreds of thousands of copies have already been sold.

A lot of small games and creators find the crowdfunding or funding from their fans essential for their business. Some companies earn millions of fundings from their fans every year by selling games and licensing details to its TV and film businesses. But the amount of funding each company receives depends on how old the company is, and how many positive reviewed games and services they have provided to their customers. The latest companies are heavily dependent on such findings from their fans, so they rely mostly on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter.

In 2019, Kickstarter received over $176 million of fundings from their fans, as per the reports by the entertainment site Polygon. The growth rate of the Kickstarter was 6.8% if compared with the previous year’s data. This year, games like Tainted Grail – The Fall of Avalon, Gods of Egypt, Dark Souls, have earned the highest amount of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding provides a unique experience that can lead the creators to the path of success. Kickstarter is like a social media site for the creators where they can advertise and raise funds for their games.

Apart from the creators, the fans also get the benefits of pledging the funds. In exchange for the support, the fans receive special gifts and offer from the creators of the games. The Kickstarter keep their fans engaged on their site and interested in the avenues of the board games as it benefits their supporters in the long run. The Kickstarter earns a lot of startup value from the game’s creators, but if you are a board game creator, then you will only require a good idea and engaging Kickstarter page to catch the eyes and interest of the gamers or fans. If you once create a successful stage for yourself on the Kickstarter page, then it’s easier to keep building on that success.

Although Kickstart helps you reach a broad audience, it takes a lot of effort and financial strength to publish your games as the creators are responsible for printing and sending the games to their customers. And you will also reach better customers and audience when your product reaches the customer, and they give positive reviews about your game to other people. So, before diving into the Kickstarter web page, make sure you manage your finances and time well enough to support your business.

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Source- Tabletop Board Game Funding
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