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The Ten Hidden Altars in Ghost of Tsushima

The beauty of the Ghost of Tsushima lies in the details given to every part of late 13th century Japan. The game takes on critical cultural aspects of Japan, and the work that went into encompassing the true essence of this heritage shows in the details. Nature is also an essential part of Japanese culture; they respect and preserve mother nature’s riveting authenticity. There are ravishing shrines, some of them marked while others hidden, spread over the island, which give you the ability to unlock Charms and progress more effectively.

As you will approach these hidden altars, you find sceneries and places that leave you awestruck at times. The game plentifully showcases the beauty of 13th Century Japan. And as an open-world game, where the game goes is all up to you. And if you find enough Charms, you will receive a hidden trophy. To help you with the quest, here are ten of the many altars in the game:

Tadayori’s Rest

The Act 1 story has a side quest in Azamo Bay. You unlock the Mythic Tale, the legend of Tadayori, and if you complete this quest, you reach Tadayori’s Rest. This is where you can find a hidden altar. At the shrine, walk to the center of the area, in Houren’s Pasture. It has purple flowers on top, and walking to the center of it; you’ll find a hidden altar.


Pillar of Honor in Old Kanazawa Marsh. As you go down Toyotama, between Akashima and Umugi, there is a Pillar of Honor. On the map, find Old Kanazawa Marsh and move southwest of it. The Pillar is situated right in the middle, and alongside it is the hidden altar sign.


Buddha Statue near the Golden Temple. The main storyline of Act1 takes you to Ariake’s Golden Temple. There are stairs on the western side of the village, at the top, you’ll find a huge Buddha statue. There aren’t any markings, as the statute is the hidden altar.

River Dock in Kechi Fishing Village

As you go west of Hiyoshi Springs, you come across a taken farmstead called Kechi. Liberate the village from the hold of the enemy, and you’ll find the hidden alter on the dock over the river.

Yoichi’s Crossroads, altar in a cemetery

Again, located in the area southwest of Hiyoshi Springs, you’ll find the hidden altar in a cemetery. You’ll have to climb the step and reach the highest point in the place where you’ll find the dark altar. Another long trip down but worth the effort.

Kaneda Inlet Pillar of Honor

Situated North of Izuhara, in the Hiyoshi region, this Pillar of Honor is placed on Kaneda Inlet. There’s a sign on the Pillar to show that it’s the hidden altar.

Omi Village – Lord Sakai’s Grave

Spoiler alert: You should only go down this if you have completed The Fate of Tsushima Tale part of Act 2. When you reach Omi Village, you find the Sakai Cemetery. The grave of Jin’s father lies there. Create a haiku for your father over his grave, which also marks the hidden altar.

Cloud Ridge Shrine

Another element adapted from the Shinto culture is a shrine situated on the coast of Kushi, above Yarikawa Stronghold. You can find two hidden altars in this place. They are placed right next to each other. Enter the shrine, and start climbing until you climb no more. You’ll come across a statue portraying a frog. Bow to it, move right, find the next one. Two birds, one stone.

Omi Monastery

Another altar is hidden inside a cemetery, as you move to Otsuna, you find a Monastery of the Omi Village. Go up the hill, and look for a small cemetery. A large grave represents the altar, bow down, and so begins a musical interlude.

Traveler’s Rest Inn – River Dock

Traveler’s Rest Inn is a place south of Kechi Fishing Village. Once you go down to the river, near the dock, you’ll find a hidden altar. These are 10 of the many available hidden altars. If you find more of them, your chances of being active during the game’s battling parts increase.

Ghost of Tsushima is an incredible action-adventure game launched for PlayStation 4 on 17th July, this year.

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