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The Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

When it comes to improving website conversion rate, not all methods are created equal. Some techniques may seem appealing at first but may have negative effects on your conversion rate in the long run, while others may improve your conversion rate dramatically with little effort.

To find out which techniques to avoid and which ones to use to improve your conversion rate, keep reading!

1) Offer free shipping

Shipping costs can be a huge roadblock for online shoppers. They might see something they like, but hesitate on pulling the trigger for fear of what shipping will cost them. To make sure customers aren’t deterred by shipping costs, try offering free shipping on your site. Not only does it reduce uncertainty, but it also gives you more opportunities to upsell (like optional expedited delivery) and cross-sell (offering related products).

It’s easy to try out—just look for e-commerce plugins or apps like Skubana that offer free shipping as an option. If you use Shopify, there’s even a free Shipping App that offers free shipping in Canada and up to $100 in free U.S.-based shipping in many other stores.

2) Use enticing colors

Color is important for converting visitors into customers. People’s moods, for example, can be affected by color (blue is calming and red gets people excited). To improve conversion rates on your website, make sure your main call-to-action button stands out from all other elements on your page. Try using a bold font and bright colors like red or orange. They attract attention faster than gray text on a white background and are proven to boost conversions.

If you’re still not convinced about how important color is for increasing sales, try replacing two similar shades of green with each other—one green will convert better than another one because it looks more trustworthy in contrast with certain types of content.

3) Offer an incentive

One of my favorite ways to increase a form’s conversion rate is by offering an incentive. Now, an incentive doesn’t always have to be something huge. An incentive can take on any form you like – from a chance to win your product or service for free, exclusive tips and strategies from industry leaders or even a discount code that discounts your product or service by a significant amount.

By offering a small prize for filling out your form, not only will you likely see an increase in conversions but also in referral traffic and brand recognition as well!

4) Add social proof

One of the best ways to build trust is through social proof. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where consumers are more likely to do business with you if other people already have. It comes in many forms, but perhaps one of its most effective incarnations is user reviews and ratings. You can leave reviews for other companies, or you can ask your customers for a review on their experience with your product or service.

The more positive ratings you have, and better your company looks in comparison with its competitors (in regards to conversion rates), will help show future visitors that your business is one they should trust and invest in. Just make sure that all of your hard work isn’t going unnoticed: send out an email once a week asking for some feedback!

website conversion rate

5) Create urgency

Urgency is one of a few things that give you power over your visitor. By telling them that they need to act now in order to take advantage of your offer, you can keep them on your page longer and increase their chances of acting. This works especially well if you’re offering something that takes time or effort on their part (e.g., filling out a form) rather than something for which all they have to do is click a button (e.g., purchase).

The idea here is that if someone knows there’s no way they can get what you’re offering if they don’t act now, then they’ll be more likely to want it and more likely to complete whatever action you ask of them as quickly as possible.

6) Start strong

When you’re putting together your site after you hire IT professionals, make sure you start strong. You want people who land on your page to be able to quickly understand what you offer and how they can get in touch with you. A quick way to do that is through video.

According to Forrester Research, companies that include videos on their homepage experience a 55% increase in leads from their website, and that jumps up 93% for companies using a landing page video as part of an email campaign. Just think about it—how much more likely are you, at any given time of day or night, going to respond when someone is talking directly to you?

7) Ease into it

Don’t try to optimize everything at once. We’re sure you have a laundry list of things you’d like to change about your website, but it is best not to fix everything all at once. Stick with one thing and really make an effort to improve that aspect of your site before moving on. In a few weeks or months when you’ve made significant improvements in one area, move on and work on another problem area.

By focusing on only one problem area at a time, you’ll ensure better results with lower costs and stress levels. The important thing is that improvements are being made – regardless of how many areas are improved upon.

8) Tie your offer in with something they do every day

People like routines. They also like feeling smart and informed, so giving them a tip or shortcut that saves them time is an effective way to get them interested in your offer. Get their attention: These days, most websites have a form on every page for you to sign up for whatever it is they’re offering. So why not stand out from all those other offers? Whatever you’re promoting should be directly related to what people are searching for or where they’re coming from when they arrive at your site; if there isn’t a clear connection between what you’re selling and what brought visitors there, then you’ve got some work to do before you can begin converting visitors into leads or customers.

Stand out from everything else on that page!

9) Keep it simple and quick

When people visit your website, they’re usually there for one of two reasons: either you have information or products that they need and/or want, or you have something to say that is interesting enough for them to click on a link from somewhere else. Therefore, it’s important not only that your site be easy to navigate, but also that each page or section of it be short and succinct.

In other words, readers aren’t going to spend much time looking at content that bores them—so get straight to the point! Take extra care in crafting all calls-to-action (CTAs). Although CTAs are everywhere online—on ads, blogs and emails—it’s especially important that they be clear on websites.

10) A/B test your page titles and subtitles.

Before you spend a lot of time writing, it’s important to conduct a quick A/B test on two different versions of your page title and subtitle. While some believe that words such as Free or New have a higher conversion rate, our own research has shown otherwise.

A simple but crucial way for increasing your conversion rate is to include a word or phrase in your title that directly relates to what your visitor will get from visiting your page. For example, if you’re promoting an upcoming webinar about goal setting, consider using either goal setting or planning, which are keywords related directly towards what your readers will get out of reading that post. This testing allows you see which page titles drive more traffic than others and can help improve conversions long-term.


These are some of top ways you can improve your website conversion rate. However, the first step will always remain to develop a great website. For this, you can hire IT professionals from top manpower outsourcing companies.

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