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The Top 10 Tools For Website Speed Test

Web developers value speed, which is why they use website testing tools. The modern generation no longer has patience everything is expected to happen within a second. If not, they will leave, increasing the bounce rate of your website. You can increase your site’s overall success by improving its loading speed. Here are the top ten Tools For Website Speed Test.


From user experience to search engine optimization, page speed has a significant impact on your website. Generally, users only wait four seconds before moving on to the next page on a website.


The thought of a faster website is unavoidable. However, knowing where to begin can be challenging.


You cannot determine whether a website is fast enough by watching it load while sitting next to your computer. Generally, there is a wide selection of free website Speed Test tools for developers and marketers. You can consult with SEO Company Vancouver if you are experiencing issues with your website or its speed.


It is important to keep these tools up-to-date as they constantly change. Therefore, the top ten free website speed test tools include some new favorites.


  1. GTmetrix
  2. WebPageTest
  3. Google PageSpeed Insights
  4. Pingdom
  5. DareBoost
  6. Website Speed Test
  7. SEO Site Checkup
  8. Site 24 x 7
  10. UpTrends

1. GTmetrix:

The GTmetrix is among the 2019 premier sacred devices. This measurement is very straightforward. Just type “Focus” and the URL. GTmetrix provides the following strengths:

  1. Using the software is very easy thanks to the UX model. The software promotes easy-to-use features and promotes reliability.
  2. We will provide you with the page numbers for your event (comparing to your total transit time, for example, the Internet average of 6.7 seconds). Having risen to another Internet is sometimes a comfort.
  3. You scored poorly in Web Development, so you have little knowledge about the technology. There are still ways you can identify if the problem is most likely caused by CSS, Javascript (read how to compress CSS and JavaScript here), or server location. 


The GTMetrix Pro update offers a number of new features including page settings, controls, and notifications. You can download the file and take the test for free. It is also one of the fastest consumer products of 2019, so GTmetrix is a no-brainer.

2. WebPageTest:

Neither of the other records we have for these names has won a disaster design award. Having said that, the Web Page Test is one of the most trusted and reliable web measurement tools on the market today. Performance features of WebPageTest include:


  1. Using customized settings, users can customize every WebPageTest launch.
  2. WebPageTest offers a variety of browser options in addition to all these choices. In Mozilla Firefox, your website will load more quickly, even if Google Chrome is slower.
  3. Additionally, WebPageTest can be ordered for a variety of work. By reviewing your website’s performance regularly, you can gain insight into how well it is performing.


As WebPageTest is open source and free, the results and presence of the test aren’t very satisfying. Even so, the information is accurate, and you can use WebPageTest to provide you with a range of useful statistics.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights:

Google PageSpeed Insights provides far fewer data or troubleshooting tips than the other 9 entries in this list. Despite the name, this is not a real page speed checker. The following reasons, however, make it worthwhile to check this Google tool:


  1. It’s possible that Google will return more relevant results compared with other tools mainly because Google generates the search ranking you’re trying to achieve. It’s a good idea to take this data seriously if Google Tool suggests that your site is having performance issues.
  2. Another benefit of this tool is that it is so easy to use. You can instantly discover your mobile and desktop version of the site by entering the address, waiting a few seconds, and then viewing the results. Because the results are beautifully displayed in color, you typically find out about the overall performance of your site right away.


In the absence of being an official Google tool, PageSpeed Insights wouldn’t be included on this list. Our list of tools includes a range of tools with more features, but this one does not. Google rates page speed, and you want to make sure you’re ranking high if you want your website to be visible. When tool authority overshadows usefulness, it is overshadowed by its authority.

4. Pingdom:

The combination of convenience and choice that Pingdom features are perfect in many cases. The following are the benefits of Pingdom:


  1. Pingdom currently offers four different sites on which users can test the speed of their website. In general, you may want to pick a test site that is close to the geographical base of your website.
  2. It provides a class of letters, explains performance, and lists specific topics. The results are extremely easy to read.
  3. Additionally, an easier-to-read waterfall is useful for monitoring website performance and breaking down data to dig deeper.


Its website speed testing capabilities are deceptively in-depth. Despite its simplicity, its results are well organized, making it easy to skip around or dig deeper into them to find more information. Customer-centric reports are delivered with Pingdom using specific information that can help developers troubleshoot problems.

5. DareBoost:

Upon first glance, the Dareboost Speed Tester website is very much like everyone else’s. That’s good, actually. You can choose a testing site and enter your email address to begin the test.

It’s not without its own challenges, however. 


Previously registered users will need to create a new account so they can continue to use the service. You usually get a lot out of it, but don’t be surprised when you have to create a username for Dareboost. Dareboost offers a number of interesting features:


  1. Visual presentations of data were excellent. Dareboost provides detailed explanations of all the data, so you know what they mean.
  2. Your upload process may also result in video damage displayed by Dareboost. Even though it may sound silly, seeing what your visitors see while your website loads is quite helpful. The video can also be slowed down in order to see the loading sequence (or edit sequence).


Aside from its interesting functions, Dareboost also offers great data visualizations for interpreting your results. There is a free account requirement, which some may not appreciate. However, the service is worth it, regardless of cost.

6. Website Speed Test:

These days, websites feature-heavy pictures. Many people nowadays use high-resolution screens and retinal displays, so it’s very hard to get rid of low-resolution photos. This is a major reason why video compression has become so prevalent. My recommendation for testing these images is to use the Web Speed Speed Image Image Analysis tool. Cloudinary offers it as a free tool. 


  1. Identifies each image on the page under analysis. Displaying the size of the image as well as how much space could be saved by compressing it.
  2. This feature allows you to easily see the number of images your site has uploaded and how many images you need.
  3. The article offers suggestions for further reducing image size without sacrificing image quality.


One of the only tools that analyze only images is the site speed test image analysis tool. It is imperative that you have this tool in your kit as visual webs will become more prevalent in the future.

Here is the complete Guide for SEO

7. SEO Site Checkup:

The speed of your website is one of the most important factors in ranking your website on Google. When you want to improve your site’s performance, SEO site testing is an amazing tool for performing SEO. It’s good to test SEO sites because: 


  1. A holistic approach to SEO site testing evaluates all of the aspects of the website’s health, including how it affects performance, user experience, and search rankings.
  2. In addition to being easy to read, the report provided by SEO Site Checkup also provides easy handling. It can assist with troubleshooting issues you may have missed in the past.
  3. Page speed is important to both users and search engine algorithms simultaneously, so you need a comprehensive approach.



Web marketing professionals need to test SEO sites often. This diagnostic process can help you determine where to spend your time and resources to improve your webpage’s performance.

8. Site 24 x 7:

Many times the speed of a web page is affected by much more than just one HTML, Javascript, and CSS page. There is usually a direct correlation between the speed of the link and the host server or developer. Developed as a tool, Website Analyzer 24×7;


  1. My experience suggests that server performance affects the speed of the web page.
  2. The system administrator also features several tools.
  3. Lastly, to provide waterfall charts that can be easily read to show how fast the web page loads.


Like most of the other tools on this list, 24 x 7 Website Analyzer is robust enough. The entrance side is available in a short time, a witness to the side of the Lord, in a holistic manner, unless there are other reasons for this, the integration of the administrators.


You can check the page speed of any website on, which offers incredibly accurate results. The majority of other tools only test for speed at one location at a time. It’s also worth pointing out that’s site speed test includes up to 24 websites, including yours (or as close as possible).

  1. It helps you understand how users around the world feel about your site if you can see the difference in load times from one site to another.
  2. Using data from Google Analytics to cross-reference the speed test data with data from your user base. for example, can help you contextualize the information you obtain from the speed test.
  3. You can also view a detailed waterfall chart when evaluating the speed of your website on


It is a great choice for individuals who would like to analyze the differences between users in different geographical areas of your site.

10. UpTrends:

When it comes to website design, Uptrends demonstrates no sign of clumsiness. UpTrends is a good choice for speed testers who want to take screenshots and send them to customers. Test your website with this tool:


  1. You can open an accordion to reveal a waterfall schedule that is both beautiful and detailed.
  2. You can reference other domains on your webpage by using the domain group data generated by this method.
  3. It offers a wide range of sites where users can test around the world, making it easy to use.


The UpTrends tool is a well-designed page speed testing program. Offers many unique features not available anywhere else. It is good for customer-focused companies.

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