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The Ultimate Guide to Embed Google Reviews On Squarespace Website

Brands today strive to show a trustworthy brand image, but that is not possible without social proof. However, Google Reviews are a form of the most authentic content created by your users, and leveraging their voice for creating a reliable brand image is the best way to market your brand. 

The website is one of the first places where your audience looks for reliable information about your brand. So you can add Google reviews to Squarespace website easily. 

If you are doing this for the first time, then understand the process in this blog.

Steps to Embed Google Reviews on Squarespace Website

We have divided the steps to embed Google reviews on Squarespace website into five main stages. Follow through these stages to quickly embed Google reviews on your website with ease.

Stage 1: Select a Social Media Aggregator

A social media aggregator is a tool that will help you collect the relevant Google Reviews and present them on a social wall. The first thing you need to decide is to pick which social media aggregator tool you will use. 

Some of the top suggestions we have for you are Taggbox, Reviews on My Website, etc. You can see their features to understand which will benefit you the most. Once you decide on the tool, create a new account on it.

Stage 2: Create a Google Reviews Widget

Now log in to your tool, and create a new widget. The social media aggregator will show you options to select your source of content aggregation. You have to click on the Google icon. A pop-up window will appear where you have to select your connection type. There will be two options:

  • Places: This will collect Google reviews from any account.
  • My Places: This option will collect Google reviews directly from your Business account.

After you set the connection, click on the button to ‘Create feed,’ and the tool will collect all Google reviews and present them on a social wall editor.

Stage 3: Customize the Widget

What if we tell you that you can also customize your widget; won’t that be amazing? Simply putting Google reviews in a box on the website is one thing, and designing the widget will give it a professional touch. Such features are available in selected social media aggregators, so pick yours wisely.

You can now customize the presentation of your Google reviews widget to match the visual appeal with your website design. The design tab has many options for you to customize your widget. You can choose one of the different themes for your widget. Add and change the colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc. You can also add CSS if you don’t find the features for designing the widget to your requirements.

Then, in the moderation panel, you will see options to select which reviews you want on your widget and which ones you want to hide. You can also highlight the best reviews so that your audience doesn’t miss reading them. The social media aggregator tools also provide filter options, where you can preset the settings for which type of content you want to display on your widget. For example, you can choose to filter out the Google reviews that have the words “bad company” or set it so only 5-star/4-star reviews appear on the widget.

Stage 4: Generate an Embed Code

The social media aggregator helps you create an embed code for the widget so you can embed it to any website easily. To create the embed code for your widget, click on the Publish button. The tool will ask you to select your website publishing platform so pick Squarespace as your option.

Now it will create an embed code with a standard size for your widget. If you want, you can change the size, then click on the ‘copy code’ to save it on the clipboard. 

Stage 5: Embed Google reviews on Squarespace website

Now log in to your Squarespace website and navigate to the page and section where you present your Google reviews to engage your audience.

On the editor, add a new block. Then select the option to add a custom HTML. Now paste the embed code that you copied from the social media aggregator tool. Save the changes, and the Google reviews widget will appear on your Squarespace website.

Benefits of embedding Google Reviews on your website

  • Build Brand Trust

It can be a challenge for a company to convince the potential customers to believe in them enough. Customers who are new to the market tend to be hesitant to buy products from a brand that is new. If you place Google reviews onto your site and make it easier for prospective customers to believe in your brand.

Researchers have found that over 90% of consumers read through Google reviews prior to making the purchase.

Embed Google reviews on Squarespace site is a great way to inspire confidence and faith in potential customers, and turn them into existing customers.

  • Increase SEO efforts

Brands are always seeking ways to boost their SEO strategies. Because Google users frequently use the search engine to research all sorts of things, you stand a chance to rank your site higher on the Search Engine Ranking Page.

Furthermore, the better your company’s score is, the better your business will get a better ranking, which will result in greater results from the SEO effort.

  • A Better Relationship with Customers

It is crucial for brands to create relationships with their clients as this will create a feeling of trust and support for your brand with your clients.

If you include Google reviews on your site and leave positive reviews for your visitors.

They view the brand’s image from a completely different perspective and feel the need to connect with you in a more personal way. Furthermore, your existing customers will be thrilled by the content they post on your site, which will create a better customer-brand relationship.

  • More Engagement of Visitors

The level of engagement of your site’s visitors is a significant element in determining the number of visitors you will observe. When you integrate Google Reviews on your website it will encourage customers to visit your site more. Furthermore, Google reviews are quite an engaging type of content.

This can result in an increase in the time of lingering of your clients and decreases the bounce rate on your site. This enhances the level of engagement of the visitors who visit your site.

  • Higher Conversions and Sales

We do believe that having a site with an easy-to-use interface and well-designed design is crucial to creating an impression that is positive for your visitors, however, this isn’t enough to make them purchase your items.

But, when you show your customers’ positive reviews on your site it opens the door to encourage them to buy and take your product into consideration. This could result in an increase in sales and conversion of your product.

  • More Brand Exposure

It is possible to increase the image for your business and products when you present a reason that is compelling enough to get your customers to go to your site.

Due to the enthralling quality that is Google reviews, you’ll quickly be able to create more traffic to your site which will result in more brand recognition.

Let’s Wrap Up

Google reviews are the best way to show your brand authenticity and help your customers trust you. However, it is very important to show real reviews, so avoid showing any fake reviews on your website as it won’t take you a long way. 

Now select a social media aggregator tool for collecting Google Reviews and get started. With a reliable tool, you can get aggregate the content and present it on your website easily. A social media aggregator tool can be used to collect content from other platforms as well, so select a scalable tool that you can use to collect content besides reviews.

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