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Women’s shoes are available in a wide range of options, and most women usually own at least one pair of every type. Every shoe style has a perfect occasion or event that it fits with. Shoes also make good presents for women for any occasion, but it is vital to get shoes to their taste. With an array of shoe styles ranging from women’s sneakers to thigh-high boots, the sheer amount of choices and jargon can be overwhelming. When it comes to shoes, people should choose fancier styles if it is for gifting purposes.


Shoe styles differ in coverage, material, and silhouette design. But it is the accents and embellishments that decide which shoe is ideal for which occasion.


Pumps refer to any heeled or wedge shoes. But today, most people use pumps to describe shoes that look tasteful enough for special occasions and casual wear. These shoes have pencil-thin heels and a wedge platform in the front. They come in a range of colours and pair well with most outfits.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have a thick sole in the front and a heel at the back. The heel could be Stilettos, Spool heels, Pencil heels or Scarpin. Some shoe designs even come with regular platform heels, adding considerable height to the sole. This design comes in varying materials like suede, faux leather, velvet, etc.


Mules are one of the latest developments in shoe designs with a unique silhouette. The shoes cover the feet up to the ankle in the front, with a back of 1 cm or lesser. It looks like the back is open, though the shoe’s mouth does extend all the way. These shoes usually come with heels and pair well with both casual and formal outfits.

Ankle Boots

Boots are an entire range of shoes themselves, but ankle boots are all the rage today and come in a wide range of designs. All ankle boots cover just above the ankle, but the similarity ends there, as there are hoards of designs available. Ankle boot designs range from zippers to laced boots and from furry uggs to tanned suedes ankle boots pair well with all outfits.


Boots started as workwear for both men and women for the coverage it offers and its durability. Today, womens ugg boots are still a global trend that sees new designs every season. While the silhouette, design and embellishments might change, all boots cover the entire foot and provide a chic look to most outfits.

Ankle Straps

Ankle strap shoes are a relatively new trend, though they were in vogue a few decades ago. Today’s ankle straps differ slightly from their predecessors, as the straps are the central component of the shoe. The ankle straps are usually thick, with embellishments or accents. The strap wraps around the ankle, similar to a neck scarf. These shoes are perfect for partywear and outdoor wear.

Gladiator Sandals

As the name suggests, this latest trend mimics the shoes gladiators wore when fighting in an arena. The shoes have intricate lacing and straps that may extend to the shin or knees. Shoes with golden straps bring an extravagant vibe and are perfect for gowns with high slits. These shoes best pair with dresses that reveal the legs below the knees.


Women’s sneakers or trainers refer to regular running shoes. But today, trainers are fashionable footwear, not just workout wear. Sneakers come in several styles ranging from high-tops to thick-soled shoes. Sneaker designs like high-tops are also popular contemporary dancewear. Sneakers pair well with casual clothes, but pairing them with dresses and formals is also the current trend.

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