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These Amazing Browser Games You Wouldn’t Know About

There must have been times when you have felt bored enough that you wanted to play some new games. The games which come in heavy graphics and design are expensive, consume a lot of memory on your system, and also they need much of your time in the installation process.

Will you be surprised if we tell you that some great games work in your web browser for free? We have got you a list of some amazing browser-based games. Games in this list can be played either in single-player and multiplayer format or both. Some games come with a text-based system and some of them have amazing graphics but we can surely bet that you are going to find fun in every game. Let’s look at this list of great free games that will be working on your web browser.

Fallen London

The very first game on our list of these browser-based amazing games is Fallen London. This text-based game was released in 2009 and is written by Alexis Kennedy and Chris Gardiner. This game is set in “Fallen London” which is an alternative to Victorian London and is full of Gothic tones. “Fallen London” looks more like hell where you can find devil appearing constantly and they also maintain an embassy there. This browser-based interactive narrative game can be played on Android, web browsers, and iOS.


If you are fond of treasure hunts, you are going to love this game. You are going to take control of a cave explorer. Your aim is to explore the tunnels, collect as much treasure you can, avoid traps, and strike or jump on your enemies to defeat them. You should be ready to use a limited supply of items that you are going to use to kill your enemies like bombs and ropes and also to navigate through the caves. The difficulty level of the game keeps growing as you keep moving in the game. This classic game is available on PlayStation, Windows, macOS, and also on your web browser.

10 Bullets

If you love it to fire guns in video games then, 10 Bullets is an amazing choice. Your every shot is going to create chaos among the flying ships and going to leave you with a feeling of trying it once more. This little game can be listed under the list of “addictive games” for sure and you can play it for free on your web browser.


If you want to put your brain puzzling with some easy math then “Threes!” is for you. This game looks like 2048 which was a massive hit a few years back but has got a better design and art. Usually, this game is played on the app but you can also play this “easy-looking” game on your web browser.

Games mentioned on this list are surely going to help you to kill some of your free time while leaving you thrilled.

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