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These Voice Typing Apps Are Going to Leave You Amazed With Their Accuracy

Though typing on a mobile phone has become quite easier, there must have been times when you have felt like that you did not want to type but needed an app on your Android phone which would do it for you. If you have been looking for apps, which will type for you as you are speaking, then we have got you a good list of best dictation apps for Android, where you only need to speak and the app will write it for you. It is going to save you a lot of effort and time. Let’s go through this list.



The very first application that makes it to our list of the best dictation apps is Gboard which is offered by Google. Gboard is known for its typing feature in various languages and it also offers the Google translation tool, but you will be amazed when you use its voice typing tool because of its clarity and speed. This app has the highest accuracy rate among all voice typing applications. You are going to find that it is the best app for converting your speech into text.


This app makes it second on our list for its advanced features. It is one of the very few apps which can be used both offline and online. Its accuracy in the English language is near to 95% and that makes it easy to write your SMS, emails, notes, and even articles or long messages. If you are using the app offline you will have to download some language packs. This app supports more than 60 languages and comes with a customizable in-built dictionary. It is quite helpful if you speak different languages and you can share your messages easily with this app.


If you are a regular smartphone user and also using it to take notes and write things, you must have heard about the reputed Evernote app. Along with writing, scanning, and taking pictures of your notes on this app, one of the really good things that you can do on this app is to tap the mic button and start dictating your notes. You can speak to this app whatever you want to write down and its speech to text feature will write it down for you. Since this app is not solely designed for this purpose and it is just an additional feature, you will have to show patience while using this app.


There must have been times when you don’t want to type a whole paragraph to send to your friends but you need to. What will you do in that case? Maybe, you would like to take a look at this app which is fairly new in the market but has left a great impact on its users because of its reliability and accuracy. The good part of this app is that it can not only type whatever you are dictating but can also translate. It comes with support for many languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, and Polish along with a few more. This app is compatible with most of the applications on your phone and can be used to create your notes, SMS, or long Facebook posts.

Speech to Text Converter

As the name suggests, this is another simple app to convert your speech into text. All you have to do is to allow this app to access the microphone and start speaking. It will start typing down the things you are speaking, on your screen in the text form. It has a decent accuracy rate of conversion and you can convert your speech into text without any mistakes. It also lets you translate your speech after typing down. Quite a simple interface of this app makes it easy to use.

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