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Tips for Choosing a Heavy Weighted Blanket

A heavy blanket (also referred to as a weighted blanket) is an efficient way to relieve anxiety and help you sleep better. Granted, some people use it for the warmth that it provides – but its ability to target all your pressure points also deems it therapeutic.

  1. Go for the 10% Rule

As a general rule, one should ensure that the weighted blanket is around 10% of the weight of the person trying to use it. For example, experts advise that children use weighted blankets no heavier than 10% of their weight. As for adults, the average-sized adult should be able to handle a 15 to 20 pound blanket based on their body mass.

The purpose of a heavy weighted blanket is to make you feel more comfortable – so, you should not pick something that feels too heavy or even too light on you. If the blanket is too heavy, then it might end up causing you to feel claustrophobic – or worse, lead to sleep apnea. If it’s too light, you won’t get the same level of satisfaction.

  1. Plastic Pellets vs. Glass Beads

When you are shopping for weighted blankets, you will see that most models either feature plastic pellets or glass beads. Glass beads tend to be the same size as sand, perhaps even smaller – but they are also heavier in comparison to plastic. In this case, if you want a lighter weighted blanket – but still heavy enough for comfort –this might be a good choice for you. These types of blankets are typically more expensive than their plastic pellet counterparts.

A heavy blanket made with plastic pellets is a bit bulkier, as the pellets are bigger compared to glass beads. Still, an advantage that these blankets provide is that they might be cheaper – making them a better choice if you are shopping for weighted blankets on a budget.

  1. Get a Cover for your Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can be rather difficult to wash, as they are heavy. You might need to wash them in commercial washers – something that not all of us have access to. Needless to say, blankets get dirty while you sleep under them, so you need to ensure that you buy a removable cover to go along with it.

Cotton is one of the most appropriate options, as it is breathable and allows you to feel cool at night. Think of getting a blanket cover as protecting your investment because you’ll be able to keep the blanket in good shape for a longer duration.

  1. Get the Right Size

Another important factor that you should consider is the size of the blanket. Make sure that it entirely covers your body, going from the neck down without actually leaving much over. In most cases, it might mean a king or queen-sized heavy weighted blanket, but it also depends on the size of your bed.

Final Thoughts

Weighted blankets have various health benefits, but you can only reap them as long as you choose the right product. Consider your needs and features and choose the one that brings you the most comfort.
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