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Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel

#1: Several Times a Week commit to YouTube


Latest studies have shown that YouTube channels posting over once a week do much better and get better views. If possible, post a video three or more times a week to Youtube, particularly if you just start building an audience. If you have a regular schedule of several posts per week, your channel in the algorithm will increase quickly.


Build a lot of content on similar topics at the beginning will help your channel perform effectively in the algorithm and also create a library of content to link viewers from one video to the next.


#2: Sustainable Workflow for Video Production


You could make Oscar-worthy short films and videos, but your videos would not extend your YouTube channel because every video takes 6 months to create. Daily video uploads are what people bring back for more.


Regardless of what sort of videos you choose to produce, you can select the content that you can develop and create frequently and find ways to streamline your process of production, whether it’s a studio setup, an editing template, or a production team. Continue to refine your subject matter and the workflow of production until the method is oiled.


Tip: One of the easiest things to do is to set up a small video studio so that you can just trigger and start recording when it’s time to shoot.


#3: Start every video with a nice hook


You and your content rely on how you hook viewers. Display the end result first if a video features a project of some sort. A wonderful outcome makes people more interested in seeing how you did it. This technique is excellent for DIY videos and makeovers. For example, a cute little girl’s hair, before demonstrating how to construct a hairstyle, often begins by showing the end result.


Stories are another means of capturing the attention of the audience. People’s stories are hardwired. Naturally, when you start your video with a plot, you want to hang around to see what happens. Furthermore, personal stories thrill presenter and are also useful for more complex ideas.


Michael from VSauce shows that he is a master at beginning his videos with an interesting story or concept that leads to the subject.


However the viewers are hooked, make sure your opener is directly related to the subject. Viewers clicked because they were interested, so they got into the topic in the first place easily.


You may have witnessed YouTubers start by creating a story or a fact that seems entirely untouched and connects it to the subject. This technique works well if you have a wide audience in whom you trust.


#4: Retain short titles and open loans


Treatment is short spans. At the beginning of a video, a long title or credit line can lead to people losing interest. A long opener also discourages viewers from watching binge as they don’t want to repeat the same sequence over and over.


Make your title and credits short and punchy instead. Make the entire opener 5 seconds longer. As a great example, the title sequence of Crystal Joy is short, sweet, and enjoyable.


#5: Search to advertise your videos, channel, or web


End screens are interactive graphics that connect or prompt somebody to subscribe to another video, playlist, channel, or web pages. You should add end screens in the last twenty seconds, as the function name implies, to decide where your end screens will be.


One choice is to frame the topic of your video in such a manner that end screens are visible. The visitor will continue to talk about the end of the computer.


Or you can add a picture or logo slate where the end screens can be mounted. This choice is useful if you want to make your content unaffected by the end screen.


The slate panel of YouTube

End screens work better if the presenter talks and provides the audience with detail. You can only click on the page if you cut to a screen with a color or design and no new content. YouTube audiences are now slightly conditioned. It will give spectators a reason to stick to if you continue to provide details.


Extending the session with an end screen for video or playlist


As YouTube needs to retain people on the site, the duration of the session of the algorithm is significant. The time the user spends on youtube view the videos is the session length. By sending viewers to another YouTube video or playlist to add to the session duration (even if it’s not your own), your video is improved in the algorithm.


Think about where viewers will go and there through end screens after watching your video (and links in the video description). Marques Brownlee has a fine job to lead people from his video via end screens like the one shown here to another video on a similar topic:


#6: Edit the video distractions


Long breaks, mixed chat, bouncing from one topic to the other, or being boring can make people start searching for something more interesting in the recommended videos. Keep tangents at least, and make sure they are involved with a story visually or if you turn away from the subject. Don’t let visitors click away for a reason.


You can easily cut from one shot to another like Devinsupertramp, to simultaneously avoid distractions and keep your videos fast and engaging. You do not have to film several cameras in order to make cuts. You may also use text or transitions to video editors.
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