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Tips on painting interior walls

Walls can tell a lot about your home, and if you paint the wrong colour, it can almost destroy the entire house details and lets everyone notice the imperfections.

According to Honest Painting, a Sydney-based master painter, most people think that the work of painting is easy, and this is where they are wrong. Painting in the right way is about getting smooth finishes which is a lot of tasks to do. So to avoid doing wrong, we would recommend that you go through these tips from the people who know better. The recommendations and advice given in this article will provide you with a head start and the possibility to get perfect paint even when it is your first paint project.

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Be systematic

If you want to do a good job, start by preparing yourself gathering all the materials required for painting on time. Thinking ahead is also essential as it keeps you focused on the job.

Learn the roller technique

Rollers are responsible for producing quality finishes without marks, and learning to use them well can be good for you. In this case, do not push so much because the less pressure you exert, the better.

Take more time with dark colors

It is difficult to get a well-painted wall with dark colors, but it does not mean it is impossible. Walls reflect light differently when seen at distinct angles and this can help a lot when you are using dark colors. If you are using a dark color, try to use this criterion to point out the mistakes and try to make the wall even. This will help you point out imperfections and work towards rectifying them.

Work with the color of your floor

It is essential to match the wall paints with the color of the floor or use paint that will go well with the floor color. Most people make the mistake of using different paint on walls and advice that you can use samples for paint color charts to know which color of paint to apply. Paint a small amount of colors in the color chart and see how it goes with the floors. Then, if you find the best match, you can go ahead and paint the entire room.

Use matt in bathrooms

Bathrooms are always wet, and anti-mold paint is appropriate, especially when the ventilation is inadequate. It has become a norm to use high gloss paints in the bathroom since they are easy to clean and durable. However, we recommend a matt look in bathrooms.

Use paints with no VOC or with low VOC

Many brands of paints have solvents that contain petroleum. Some contain Volatile Organic Compounds. However, some of the brands have colors that contain no VOC. Honest Painting believe that they are not healthy, given that most people will have an urge to paint when they are pregnant. Such paints would have negative impacts on their health.

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Paint with no VOC is good not only for the environment but also for the health of the family members eliminating the risks of getting asthma or other allergic reactions. We know this because she used to run a painting business and even did the painting in children’s bedrooms. Whenever you purchase paint, put this into consideration so that you ensure your family members are safe.

Start with the ceiling

Most people who do the painting by themselves at home tend to rush because they have other duties to attend to. As a result, they forget to start with the ceiling when it should be common knowledge to start with it. When they do the ceiling, they do not apply all the coats.

It is recommended that you do the ceiling first and ensure that the undercoat is dry before applying the paints coats. From there, move down to the room you are working on. As you come to the room walls, make sure that you take on all the other elements, including the skirtings, the architraves, and the windows. Start working on the walls after that. This will eliminate the need to come back to the edges all the time.

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