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Tips on Planning a Trip to Ottawa

If you’re planning to visit the capital city of Canada, you’ve chosen the perfect way to experience some of the country’s culture.

If you’re planning to visit the capital city of Canada, you’ve chosen the perfect way to experience some of the country’s culture. Ottawa is home to Parliament Hill, numerous historically rich museums, the iconic Rideau Canal, and so much more. For tourists who love the great outdoors, Ottawa is close enough to the countryside to take part in fun activities like hiking, cycling and rafting. And if you’re not much of an outdoors person, there’s a lot of shopping to do, delicious food to enjoy and plenty of art to marvel at.

Whether you are planning to stay in one of the more affordable hotels in Ottawa, or you’re comfortable with spending a little bit more on one of the top luxury hotels in Ottawa, this city has so much to offer in the way of authenticity.

Here are a few pointers to get you started on planning that well-deserved vacation to the heart of Canada.


Apart from booking your flights, you’ll also have to think about what kind of accommodation you want. You may not know exactly where you want to stay, but figuring out what you need from your accommodation is a great start. Do you just need a place to rest, freshen up and charge your devices after a day of wandering through the city? Or are you looking for continental breakfasts, room service and a couple of massages here and there?

There are several affordable hotels in Ottawa that can offer guests a pleasant stay. Even if you’re not looking to stay in the top luxury hotels in Ottawa, you can still look forward to a budget-friendly place that offers you all the necessities and then some. But if you are looking for luxury, there’s no shortage of it either. Hotels like the Fairmont Château Laurier give you access to additional spoils like indoor pools and pampering spa treatments. It’s all about what you need to have the best experience possible.

The Weather

Any time you’re planning a trip to another country, it’s a good idea to consider the season and what the weather might be like while you’re there. Summers in Ottawa can be warm and humid with the possibility of chilly days, while winters are very harsh with deep snow. Whenever you decide to go, make sure you know what to expect so that you can pack accordingly and plan a suitable itinerary.


There are two kinds of travelers: the ones that plan everything to a tee, and the ones that kind of go wherever the wind blows. No matter which one you are, it’s worth knowing what Ottawa has to offer. It’s unlikely that you’ll want to spend every waking moment in your hotel room, so research a few activities and places of interest to visit, even if you aren’t going to rigidly stick to the plan. Making a list of possible activities will ensure that you get to experience the beauty of the city, and that you have something to look forward to each day. Some popular activities in Ottawa include sight-seeing, escape rooms, museum visits, archery, ice skating and even beer tasting. Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, or with a group, you definitely won’t run out of ways to enjoy the capital of Canada.
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