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Tools to Create Quick Infographics

Infographics are the best way of visual representation to share a piece of information or data. If you also like infographics and want to create them, there are so many tools that are available which can help you create an infographic in 30 minutes.


Canva is an online platform that allows you to create incredible designs. To create designs on Canva, you don’t need to have much knowledge about designs. It is straightforward to use. Canva provides you with a variety of templates for your designs. You can choose any of the templates based on your design and create your infographics.

You can create lots of designs free of cost. Canva also offers paid options with various plans. But it’s free plan is enough for you to create some beautiful designs, though if you want some additional features, you can purchase them.


Venngage is entirely free for students. For others, it offers different paid plans to access its features. It is very easy to use, and it provides you with lots of templates. You can search the templates according to what you want to create. You will find different templates for different subjects. Once you choose a template for your infographic, you will further get the options within the infographic to select a particular topic or category, that makes customizing infographics on this platform quite easy.


You are allowed to create various designs here for free. You can create your infographics in multiple shapes or can choose traditional templates, or make your own designs. You can access most of the features, but for additional facilities, you will need to have a Lite or Pro plan.

Once you select a template, you can add any graphic element or text, and you can upload your own images too.


If you love numbers and data, then this Infographic creating site is best for you. It has very strong data visualization chops that will help you create simple Infographics from complex data. But this site provides you with very limited templates so if you want a wide range of templates, then you may not like Infogram.

Once you choose a template, you can edit it on the page. Infogram is one of the best options if you deal with statistics, numbers, graphs, or maps.

This is not like other websites. allows you to create an infographic resume. You will get a Word template to create your infographic resume. You are free to choose a theme and enter your information for your infographic resume.


On most of the websites, you are unable to access all the features if you don’t have a paid version of that website. But Snappa is not like them; it allows you to access all the features for free. You can create any design using its features without paying any money. But, this site will allow you to download some limited number of designs per month if you are using its free version.


Animaker is primarily an animated video making tool, but it also offers a feature of creating animated infographics. You can choose various elements on this platform to create an animated infographic. Animaker offers you a variety of animated templates that can be used as the foundation of your Infographic. Infographics are amazing, and if you are adding animation to them, they will become the best form of information representation.

These were some of the best tools to create infographics that will definitely help you create some awesome designs.

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