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Top 10 Android App Development Trends

As 5G technology becomes more prevalent worldwide and IoT rises, the android app development industry will be growing at an accelerated rate. 3.6 billion smartphones are in use worldwide, according to Statista. Aside from remote work, digital transformation at a global level has been further fuelled by the slight work trend. Looking at Android App Development trends for 2022 can give you some insight into the future of mobile apps. Undoubtedly, the future of android apps is going to take higher steps and there are going to be exemplary advancements that will shape the future of applications all across the world on a tremendous scale. 

Check Out These Android App Development Trends In 2022

Change is implacable for android apps, primarily determined by the user experience and the constant innovations that Google brings. However, staying ahead of the competition requires exemplifying these trends as an entrepreneur. Moreover, the below-mentioned trends in 2022 are going to be the reason for advancements in applications.

Instant Android Apps

These app display types are slowly but surely gaining popularity, even though instant Android apps are not very common. Developers can build mobile apps for Android across a range of platforms using Android Instant Apps SDK and App Links Assistant. They can also convert apps from different platforms into Instant Apps from scratch.

It’s the future of mobile app development, and instant apps are among the most popular trends that help users use apps without sacrificing space on their smartphones.

Navigating Component

The android jetpack includes navigation components that developers can use to create navigation systems. And, the user can move between the sections and pieces of the app’s content during navigation across multiple interactions. In terms of implications, everything from simple button clicks to intricate patterns such as navigation drawers is possible. 

Another benefit of our navigation component is that it allows for a predictable and consistent user experience since we follow the navigation principles when developing it.

Blockchain Technology 

Despite making the rounds for years, blockchain technology has finally come to the mainstream. Moreover, with blockchain technology, developers can develop highly decentralized applications that offer enhanced capabilities and eliminate unauthorized access. 

A 61.73 percent compound growth rate is projected for blockchain technology by 2026, which translates to $52.5 billion annually. Further, Dapps (decentralized apps) are the apps that run transactions via the blockchain technology. And, the data in these applications cannot be altered or erased since they use decentralized blockchain technology. Moreover, these apps enable faster payments, reliable data records and can be tampered with–and they’re the future of mobile app development.

Artificial Intelligence/Chatbot for Google Assistant

The Google Assistant will become an integral technology for the apps of many business owners in years to come. By integrating apps, users can access them directly, making them faster and easier to work. In addition to the Google app actions, users can execute deep-links in apps from the Google Assistant to perform specific functions inside the app.

CES will be the stage for Google to unveil a new feature for Google Assistant in 2020. Further, Google Assistant users can now turn on/off smart devices remotely, make coffee, etc., with a new feature called Scheduled Actions. This feature will control lighting, coffee machines, air conditioners, and many other devices.

Development Of Flutter Multiplatform 

Flutter, dubbed the future of Android development by Google, is a new technology introduced by Google. Flutter is popular for developing apps using a single codebase for all platforms.

This platform is a popular choice for developers when building mobile apps because of its flexibility. Flutter stands out for being easy to learn, native, and natively designed. 

For minimum viable product development, it is one of the most popular frameworks. In other words, you don’t have to waste time and money building two different apps; you can create a single native app for iOS and Android.

IoT: Internet Of Things

Implementing the IoT (Internet of Things) is the critical trend for mobile app development in 2022. This trend allows Android developers to build the devices on top of well-known hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi. Moreover, one of the best things about embedding the system design is that developers do not need prior knowledge. Android Studio and Android SDK are in place for developing the apps.

More devices will be able to use 5G, and data traffic is going to increase. Shortly, wireless network technology of the fifth generation is expected to connect 1.5 billion devices worldwide. According to forecasts, the number of IoT connections is possible to triple by 2025 to 25 billion; and IoT revenue worldwide is expected to quadruple to $1.1 trillion.


Mobile enterprise development primarily focuses on EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) and APM (Application Performance Management). These technologies help make mobile apps faster. Their role has become more of a quality tester with the rise of mobile app development.

APM will reflect application behavior, measure device, and OS usage statistics, and sift through user performance to determine which application features are being used. APM tools support monitoring resources used by apps, analyzing user insights derived from the retrieved data, and adjusting processes in response to the data. With the application landscape and business infrastructure moving to the cloud, powerful tools for APM will also become available.

Layout Of Motion

Developers use this layout to manage motions and widget animations in their applications. Further, constraint Layout is a library of tools available for Android 4.0. These tools provide a high level of functionality, which enables the team to fill in any gap between the complex motion handling and layout transitions quickly and efficiently.

Motion Layout allows developers to create multiple interfaces for the app, including animations that help them better understand how it works.

Beacon Technology 

The Beacon technology has slowly become a popular tool for businesses to use to help target potential clients. Using beacons, mobile devices can communicate with transmitting devices within the range. This technology allows companies to send special offers and notifications about nearby hotels and more.

For many industries, beacon technology helps transition from push marketing to opt-in marketing. As a result of the technology’s multi-platform capabilities, it is applicable on-cloud and in-area, which will promote its growth.

Notifications based on beacons help businesses create highly contextual connections with their users. Airports and mobile payments will utilize beacon technology in 2022, which will be a beacon technology trend.

Enterprise edition of Android

As enterprises look to 2022, digital transformation will be the deciding factor. Also, the use of Android apps at the workplace becomes possible because of the Google-led initiative – Android enterprise. Developers can use the Android Enterprise program to integrate support for Android into enterprise mobility management solutions using APIs and various other tools.


Each year, new innovations and ideas become a hit, and they keep rolling back and forth. As you can see, Android operating system development is advancing rapidly to provide seamless experiences for users. Undoubtedly, mobile app development is getting prominent, every business is looking for an estimate of its cost. Getting in touch with a top android app development company ensures that you remain updated with all the advancements. Some entrepreneurs even prefer to hire android app developers to get in touch with the new trends.

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Tom Hardy is a skilled and experienced mobile app developer at renowned company Sparx IT Solutions. His outstanding knowledge of the industry and domain expertise is crucial to developing market-ready apps. Writing informative blogs and articles is Tom’s favorite way to spend his free time.

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