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Top 10 Efficient Tips To Avoid Credit Card Debt

Credit cards debt is often blamed for the recent debt crisis and other consumer-related problems prevalent in modern society. In fact, a large part of such problems results from the misuse of plastic money or consumer ignorance.

Of course, there is no denying that in addition to the excessive expense of owning a credit card, many innocent customers are also targets of questionable tactics used by some credit card issuers.

Unfortunately, only a lot of consumers understand the fair use and real cost of credit cards. Otherwise, the reality today would have been completely different. In fact, like a mortgage, credit cards debt an also be beneficial for your personal finances.

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The Top 10  Efficient Tips To Avoid Credit Card Debt Are:

1. To avoid credit card debt choose your card carefully 

These days finding new cards with new features has been very less frequent. For that reason, go for a card that suits your needs, and avoid those that are offered as ‘free’ cards.

For example, if you travel often, choose a card that is associated with your travel company and can give you attractive travel discounts. This way you can easily get a discount on your journey and also earn reward points.

However, if you do not want credit and want to pay the entire bill, then you should choose a charge card.

2. Familiarize yourself with its features and uses

After getting the card, check out its available features carefully. The most important thing is that you should know where and how to use your card, is it possible to withdraw cash on it.

For example, if the card offers reward points when purchasing fuel through it, then paying cash at gas stations can be a bad idea. Instead use the card whenever possible, earn reward points and you can get free fuel after a while.

However, always pay on time, otherwise, you can pay more for your fuel. Similarly, cash withdrawals from ATM machines of other banks will incur additional charges, so it is a good idea to withdraw cash only from the ATM machines of your own bank. There is no necessary to spend additional capita on your laziness.

3. Use your card wisely to avoid credit card debit

Sensitive use of plastic money can also result in lower purchase costs. These days many credit cards offer tie-ups with other business establishments, and a 25% discount is a common cause.

In addition, credit card purchases are usually paid after a gap of one month. Thus, you save about a month of interest costs when using a credit card. Credit card debt spending sometimes also gives you reward points that can be redeemed at any time in exchange for usable items.

4. Consider Cash Back Rewards

Many cards today offer cashback rewards on your expenses. But it would be better if you can find a card that will cut the balance with the cashback amount or if possible can get it with a better cashback offer.

In addition, cashback is only useful when there is a high currency turnover. If you do not use the card often, you will lose on the APR. Since reward credit cards may have a higher annual percentage rate than other credit cards.

Usually, cashback only makes sense when you pay your credit card bills on time and every month.

5. Choose a co-branded card

These cards bring additional reward points when used for a certain category. But the use of co-branded credit cards calls for closer scrutiny of the benefits you get.

Additionally, when choosing a card, it is important that you choose a card that not only meets your needs but also adds more value to your financial situation.

6. Complimentary insurance and other benefits

Often the cards also offer complimentary baggage insurance, accident insurance, airport lounges and various other perks. Try to examine such benefits and take advantage of them wherever possible.

7. Use your card to pay utility bills

You can earn reward points by paying your insurance premium, phone bill and electricity bill by using your card regularly. As always, try to fill your card in time to avoid costly late fees, thereby eliminating the benefits of your reward points.

8. Consolidate your expenses

Consolidate your expenses with a card so that you can stack your things faster.

9. Try to make a full payment every month to avoid credit card debt

Credit card reward points are only worth it if the card is paid in full each month. This is because the interest charge that accrues over a month’s expense can quickly wipe out the proposed benefits of any reward point you earn.

Of course, one reason for the outrageous interests of plastic money is when you have more than a month’s interest-free on credit card transactions. But, surprisingly, the so-called ’30-day grace period’ on card purchases is valid only if you have no outstanding balance.

And, if you are already circling, each fresh purchase will attract expensive interest from the purchase date itself. And, the ‘grace period is only good for retail transactions.

Cash transactions often attract interest charges from the transaction date to the settlement date, they can also attract service fees and transaction fees.

10. Attempt to pay on time each month

If you can’t pay your card each month and want to turn around, don’t make it worse by paying late, otherwise, you can only pay too much in late fees.
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