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TOP 10 Holidays in the USA

Holidays in the USA – The United States of America, USA (United States of America, USA) are located in the North of the continent. They include 50 states , which are equal subjects of the federation and the federal metropolitan area of ​​Columbia. They all have their own constitution, judicial, executive and legislative branches of government. “In God we trust!” (“In God We Trust”) is a phrase that has become the national credo of Americans.

They are distinguished from representatives of other peoples by the tradition of spending all the holidays in the US family circle. They use every opportunity to become even closer with their relatives during the moments of celebrations. This makes the family bond stronger.

Top 10 holidays of America

  1. Federal holidays
  2. Day dedicated to Martin Luther King
  3. Independence Day
  4. Holiday of Presidents
  5. Memorial Day
  6. Veterans day
  7. Day dedicated to labor
  8. Thanksgiving Day
  9. Columbus Day
  10. Generally recognized and religious holidays

About the holidays of America

The United States, like any country, has its own national holidays, which are not like the celebrations of other countries in the world. Translated from English, the word “holiday”, which sounds like “holy day”, means “holy day”. This does not mean that they all have a religious connotation. Many of the country’s national holidays have nothing to do with religion, especially those that held with great splendor. They are not understandable to all peoples of other states; they seem unusual and strange to them, since they rooted in the national history of the country and its features.

America inhabited by representatives of a large number of nationalities . In its celebrations, their culture revealed in all its glory. On many holidays, this feature imposes a national flavor. It is difficult to confuse them with the celebrations of the countries from which they came to the United States, since they are imbued with the spirit of modern America. These are magnificent festivities filled with bright and unforgettable emotions.

Federal holidays

National holidays celebrated throughout the country are not typical for America. The reason for this was its administrative division into states. They have their own list of official celebrations. The federal government has defined only 10 public holidays, which are legally reserved for employees, Congress and the President of the country. In practice, however, these federal holidays celebrated in every state.

Holidays differ in that they celebrated only in the United States, so they are national for the country. They have long taught young people to be grateful to the country, to express respect and love not only for their state, but also for their closest relatives. Colorful festivals held in honor of the holidays contribute to the spiritual reunification of the people of the United States.

Day dedicated to Martin Luther King

The celebration is held in January (3rd Monday). It is dedicated to a black political activist who fought:

For the elimination of racial discrimination against American citizens.

Developing among the people of the United States the correct attitude towards such a social phenomenon as racial discrimination.

The national celebration is dedicated to the ideals of a fighter for their rights.

Martin Luther King was a staunch opponent of social injustice that brought suffering to the vulnerable.

This day is a day off. During it, all the country’s TV channels talk about the glorious path to universal equality of a selfless public figure.

Independence Day

This holiday celebrated in July (4th) and is one of the most popular in the United States. This day marked the beginning of the independence of the United States, proclaimed in 1776. On this day, the following are held in the country:

  • fireworks parades;
  • family picnics arranged in nature;
  • songs played in the state language.

The holiday especially splendid. It is filled with parades and carnivals, baseball games and public events. It is attended not only by Americans, but also by guests of the country who consider it the highest blessing to plunge into the most solemn holiday in the USA. People enjoy on the town car rental and visit the attractions.

Holiday of Presidents

It takes place in February (every 3rd Monday). The festival distinguished by splendor and national pride. It dedicated to the most prominent Presidents of the country:

George Washington

This day decorated with congratulatory speeches delivered by prominent public figures of the United States and dances at festive balls. By doing this, the American people are showing their respect for their most famous presidents. The celebration officially dedicated to George Washington, but in fact it considered the holiday in the USA of all Presidents.

Memorial Day

This holiday marked with a star sign and takes place in May (on the last Mondays). It dedicated to the memory of American soldiers who died during military conflicts. On this day, it accepted:

  • To lower the state flag of the United States;
  • Visit cemeteries and memorials.
  • Commemorate servicemen who died in all wars;
  • Participate in sporting events. If you wish to witness the most popular sports league in the United States from the sidelines, ensure to book your Super Bowl 2024 tickets in advance.
  • The family gathers for dinner in honor of the holiday.

Veterans Holiday in USA

The holiday held in November (on the 2nd Monday). It resembles the previous one (Memorial Day). At first, it was consider Victory Day, since the First World War ended in 1918 (November 11). Then its name (Ceasefire Day) was change to Veterans Day. On this day, not only the dead, but also the living soldiers honored:

There are parades of war veterans.

Holidays in THE USA, Concerts arrange with the performance of songs in the state language of a certain era in which the war was conduct.

Meetings with military personnel being organize.

This day is not a day off.

Day dedicated to labor

Every first Monday of autumn dedicated to this event. It celebrated by all 50 American states as the solemn end of the summer. Timed to this holiday:

  • The beginning of the American football season;
  • End of the summer;
  • There are massive demonstrations.

The holiday has been held since 1880 in the form of special festivals, symbolizing a respectful attitude towards hard work of the people and respect for professions. He expresses his respect for Americans who are making important contributions to the country’s development.

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Thanksgiving Day

The holiday held in November (4th Thursday). He considered the most beloved in American families. The celebration is held:

In the evening, at a laid family table decorated with a turkey.

All household members say prayers dedicated to God, with gratitude for the blessings sent to them in English.

Family members thank each other, which contributes to the unification of family ties, regardless of distance and many other obstacles leading to separation. Some of them enjoy limo rental for prom services to make their holiday more joyful.

Holidays in THE USA, It has become a tradition in New York on this day to hold a large parade of inflatable toys.

The celebration is accompanied by the clink of glasses and the delicious smell of turkey. These meetings held at the home of the oldest member of the family.

Columbus Day

The holiday held in October (2nd Monday) and dedicated to the discovery in 1492 (November 12) of North America by Christopher Columbus. He arrived on the island of San Salvador and became the discoverer of the New World, America. Since that time, Americans have been celebrating the emergence of a new country. Traditionally on this day it is customary:

  1. Visiting the population of the country of church services.
  2. Organization of various celebrations.
  3. Regardless of the weather conditions, Americans take to the streets of cities and celebrate this solemn event.

Generally recognized and religious holidays in USA

Holidays in THE USA, In addition to American federal holidays, the United States celebrates generally recognized in the world and religious holidays that have become traditional.
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