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Top 20 Social Media Tips To Keep Your Brand’s Feeds Fresh

Social media is now a big part of everyone’s life and creates a huge impact in the market; hence brands need to benefit and extract the most out of it. 

And with such huge competition, it is important to stay relevant and remain fresh in people’s minds. Every social media platform has their algorithm that helps the post to create more reach. Sometimes, the algorithm might not work in your favor, and people might forget about your brand and decrease your brand awareness.

Social media platforms provide a great facility for brands to interact with their users. It provides a great platform for brands to keep their users engaged and entertained. The interactions help the brand to know more about its users and build a strong relationship. Also, it helps a brand to increase market awareness, so marketers plan their next project or campaign accordingly.

20 Creative Ideas to Increase Your Social Media Reach and To Keep Your Feeds Fresh

You can use these amazing tips to remains relevant in the market and keep your brands feed fresh on social media.

1. Plan your posts

One of the most effective ways to stay relevant on people’s social media feeds is by posting regular content. Irregularities and less content reduce the reach, and users are less likely to receive your feed. 

With so much competition in the market, there always be some of the other brands ready to take your post, or there will another post always ready to replace your posts on the feeds. Therefore, it is important to post regularly.

Regular posts do not mean that you overwhelm your followers with continuous posts and content. It irritates people, and they might choose to unfollow you. It hampers your social media strength, and eventually, you might lose your customer as well. 

Hence, you should plan your posts and keep track of them to know the feedback and provide your next posts accordingly. Keep a certain interval, but not too much. You can plan your posts and get their analysis by using various tools available in the market. They help you to plan and analyze your post.

2. Share your followers content

Your social media feed shouldn’t always be about your content. You should share content from different sources as well. You can paste the content from other social media account or share content made by your followers.

Remember that people only follow the accounts that provide a variety of content and keep them entertained. So don’t be afraid to share content from other sources as well.

Sharing the content posted by your followers also helps build a strong relationship with your users and increases your reputation. Followers feel valued when a brand shares its content, and this small action helps you attract more followers and attain a more customer base. It also increases your reputation as a brand.

3. Create a bite-sized video

Social media users are mostly Gen-Z and a new generation. The new generation’s attention span is becoming shorter. That means people now demand content that is sweet, short, and to the point.

You can use this to your advantage by making short, bite-sized videos. Bite-sized videos refer to short-duration videos that can for 15 or 30 seconds. The short video witnessed a sudden rise in popularity, thanks to short video platforms, as they created a new horizon for creativity.

Another significance of short durations videos is that they are entertaining, and people usually share them more than long videos. Even social media platforms promote short videos and provide them better reach. Instagram recently introduced a feature under the name of Reels. The users have received it well, and it gets more traction than the other type of content.

4. Contests or Giveaways

Everyone likes to compete and get rewarded. You can use social media platforms to satisfy this by conditions, contests, quizzes, giveaways, etc. Followers always like the accounts that regularly organize content. It keeps the competitive spirit alive, and followers always feel good when receiving a reward or gift. 

5. Host interactive sessions

Social media provides a wide range of features where you can organize an interactive session with your followers. You can use Instagram’s Ask me Anything feature; you can easily solve any query or your customers. It also helps increase your interaction with your customers and get to know your customer base more, which helps you prepare for future projects.

6. Collaboration is key

Teaming with other brands is a win-win situation. It helps generate more crowds and get more reach and helps you create a good business circle.

You can organize events, synergize for new products, and create special promotional events with your collaborated brand. You can increase your reach and attract attention.

7. Organize take over

Take over means when someone else runs your account for a limited period. Usually, people set the time for 24 hours. 

You can provide your take over to an influencer to celebrity. This type of handover helps gather more audience and gain more followers as they celebrate, and influencers bring some followers when they handle the account.

You can even organize an event or competition and let one of the followers handle your account. It increases your brand recognition, makes your followers happy, and eventually helps to increase your followers and create a better customer base.

8. Go Live

As mentioned earlier, customer interaction and engagement play a huge role in a brand’s upliftment. Brands emphasize their strategy to increase their interaction with their customers as it helps increase brand reputation and helps them know about the market.

Almost every social media platform now provides a feature of going live. You can go live and answer your customers’ questions, reply to their feedback, provide announcements, answer their questions. This helps to build a strong relationship and helps you to understand the market better.

9. Make how-to videos

The trends of how-to and do it yourself video never ends. They are and always will be a great strategy to get views and audiences. You can upload how-to videos or tutorial videos helping your followers with easy solutions. 

It also widens the horizon for the use of your product, and you can provide various uses of your product. You can also upload a video of the demonstration of your product or an easy installation guide. You can provide help to your customer.

10. Share memes

Memes have taken over the world with a storm. On each platform, memes are popular; people share memes because they are entertaining, providing people the chance to smile or laugh. 

Even brands have started considering memes as serious marketing tools and indulging themselves in creating memes with creative ideas. 

Even you can makes memes and share them on your social media account and create some buzz on the internet. Memes have a huge fan following and provide a great reach.

11. Poll the audience

Asking regular polls and contesting questions with options is another great way to interact with the audience. The polling questions also help you know about the market, like your followers’ preference, where they incline, etc. And all this information helps you to make a better plan for your business and maintain a good relationship with followers on social media.

12. Social media deals

Social media has great power to increase your customer base. If you use social media smartly, you can take your business to new heights. You can run special promotional schemes on your social media account. And advertise your product with social media and offer gifts in return if people buy your product. You attract a great crowd from social media platforms like Instagram widget, Facebook feed, etc., and can generate great sales. 

13. Stay relevant with the help of trending topics

Social media provides a great platform for people to share their views and opinions on various topics. You can use trending topics to your advantage, as it provides an opportunity for your business to gain some attention and increase awareness. You can post content related to the topic or take a stand on the debate. It also helps you gain more followers as people who agree with your opinion or stand might start following you. 

14. Interviews with celebrities or influencers

As mentioned earlier, celebrities and influencers bring a huge follower base when they collab with the brand. Collaborations do not always mean that they promote your brand directly. You can collaborate by taking interviews and publishing them on your social media handle. 

15. Share your achievements

Sharing milestones and achievements with your followers is a great way to keep your social media account active and strengthen your social media presence. You can thank your followers with posts for your milestones, and this way, even your followers feel that they are part of celebration and achievements. It can also help you to make a loyal customer base. 

16. Provide behind the scene footage

People are want to know more about their favorite brands or favorite celebrities. They always have a curiosity about what goes behind while making an ad campaign or know about the efforts to cater to their audience.

You can use these people’s need-to-know to your advantage by providing them behind-the-shoot videos or explaining to them about the work, and giving a sneak about working. People always like that kind of content and provide views on them. 

17. Reply to followers

You should properly reply and respond to your customers and fans. On social media, fans and followers regularly post about the brands or comment on the posts by the brands they follow. It makes them happy when a brand replies to them or considers their comments. Your replies to your followers will help them make a better connection with your brand and create a good impression on social media.

18. Include your followers in brand promotion

You can use your followers to gain more followers and increase the reach of your brand. And request your followers to tag their friends on a particular post and offer them gifts or privileges in return. You can organize such schemes where tagging helps your followers to win special items. It is one of the best ways to interact with your followers and increase your social media reach. 

19. Give customer shout-out

Your followers and customers will feel privileged when they get a shout-out from your brand, which eventually increases your reputation as a brand. Providing your customers or followers a spotlight is a smart way to gain their trust and convert them into your loyal customers.

20. Repost your previous content

Your content must reach your target audience and gather new followers and customers. Mere posting the content one time is not enough; hence, you need to promote your content.

You can prevail over the option of reposting it to remain fresh in people’s minds and provide you a good time to plan and post your next content.  


Social media is a great medium to attract more customers for your business and eventually increase your sales. You should keep your social media feed fresh and your social media account active to stay relevant. These ideas can help you to enhance more reach and increase your customer base. 
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