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Top 4 Proven Treatments in Pakistan to Slow Down Your Hair Loss

Nowadays, hair fall is quite common among men and women. Sadly, one out of five men faces the serious problem of male pattern baldness, and this ratio is still accelerating. No doubt, genes and hormonal fluctuations, play a significant role in hair loss, but some other factors, including age and medical conditions, also make the problem inexorable (American Hair Research Society).

There are several remedies to resolve the problem of Hair loss in Pakistan. From scientifically proven medication and treatments to reliable home remedies, you can opt for any of the treatments to restore your hair.

Gladly, you can find out the best Hair Transplant in Islamabad with prior research and proper investigation. Undoubtedly, all such hair loss treatment restores hair without any significant side-effects. The introduction of unique and customized hair loss treatments guarantees satisfactory results as per the requirements of the patients.

Don’t worry if you lack proper information about apt hair transplant treatment according to your hair type. The current discussion intends to highlight top 4 proven treatments to slow down the worse issue of hair fall.

So, read-out the entire discussion properly and grasp the best information.

It is one of the latest, effective and most popular treatments to resolve the problem of hair fall. The perfect thing about FUE treatment is that it is secure with minimum side-effects. You can choose this treatment for any hair fall problem including facial hair transplant, hairline restoration and regrowing eye-brows hair perfectly. However, it is imperative to consider FDA approved hair transplant surgeon to experience the desired results. You don’t worry about any risks and side-effects as the treatment involves minimum pain because experts perform it using local anaesthesia. Additionally, this incredible treatment assures prompt, evident and natural results, and they stay for a longer time.

Interestingly, the procedure involves 1500 to 2000 grafts, and the entire treatment is quite affordable. So, you can opt for the treatment without any fear of risks and side-effects. But, it is still recommended to discuss your hair loss issue with the professional surgeon before the treatment starts.

  • Stem Cell Hair Restoration

It is the latest non-surgical procedure that ensures perfect results without any side-effects. It is a unique treatment where the surgeon uses the patient’s stem cells from different body parts, including flanks, belly and love handles. Additionally, local anaesthesia is needed to perform the procedure professionally. The entire process may require 1 to 2 hour for accomplishment, but it ensures desired results. An exclusive process is needed to separate stem cells from extracted fat and then surgeon insert in the intended scalp area by using injections. So, if you want to experience apparent and long-term results, then you must choose the professional surgeon for this purpose.  Interestingly, the result stays from 3 to 6 years, and you can afford the treatment easily.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

It is another most popular treatment to regrow hair globally. This less invasive treatment requires an individual’s blood to cure the severe problem of hair fall. The FDA approved plastic surgeon can perform this process as an amateur surgeon never assures satisfactory results. Mainly, the process involves extracting a patient’s blood and injecting into the desired area of the scalp. This treatment slows down the process of hair fall. A professional hair transplant surgeon may need 30 to 50 minutes to perform the entire process professionally. However, you must keep one thing in mind that one session never assures evident results. You may need multiple sessions for your hair regrowth. Generally, you can go for the second session after 2 to 3 months. However, your surgeon can better assist you in this matter. You don’t need to worry about the side-effects of the treatment as it doesn’t involve complicated side-effects. You may experience infection, swelling and pain, but its temporary and you can feel with medication being prescribed by your surgeon.

  • Medication

It is perfectly alright if you don’t want to choose any of the hair mentioned above loss treatment. You can use different hair loss spray, including minoxidil or nanoxidil etc. Your surgeon can also prescribe you finasteride to avoid the problem of hair loss. Indeed, all such medications never guarantee a permanent solution, but they reduce the process of hair fall by controlling DHT hormones. However, it is recommended to use these medicines for several months if you genuinely intend to experience better results.

Which Treatment is Apt To Slow down Hair Fall?

So, which of the options mentioned above is perfect for you? Prior research and proper knowledge are always the best way to get an idea about appropriate hair loss treatment. Undeniably, all such options assure acceptable results, but the selection of an expert surgeon can make this experience worth-remembering for you.

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