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Top 5 Reasons Why Ethereum Is Best Crypto for Investment

Ethereum empowered the blockchain’s adoption that transcended beyond the exchange of value via Bitcoin by deploying decentralized solutions in process management. Whether it was to mitigate complex documentation in the maritime sector or making the supply chain future proof, smart-contracts powered by Ethereum Network have made operations simpler for businesses. One could well say the cliche “ good going Ethereum,” but was that enough? Perhaps, the potent of the Ethereum Network was yet to be explored that  DeFi or Decentralized Financing powered by Dapps brought it to the public after all. 


That said, a 400% to 2000% jump in Etherum rates that started with $1 in 2015 shouldn’t surprise you now. If you are new to the cryptocurrency space, it is the right time to buy Ethereum in India since the DeFi market is exploding post the release of over 200 successful projects. Here are five good reasons to visit cryptocurrency exchange in India and invest in Ethereum or ETH. Let’s deep dive without any further ado! 


Why Active and Passive Investors Must Consider Ethereum for Their Investment Portfolio in 2020?


A Potential Super World Computer 


Smart-contracts, if anyone asks why?  You can show them how Dapps have empowered the DeFi projects by bringing finance close to everyone without regulations using smart-contracts. The Dapps working on a secure Ethereum Network empower a host of functions from securing ownership and copyrights in ERC-777 Smart-Contracts to minting tokens powered by ERC-20 standards to acting like automated market makers. Using the Ethereum Network, a trustless, decentralized ecosystem can be established, which can help you to own properties, stocks, and valuables in other countries without going through a slew of compliances and regulations. The only requirement is a mobile phone and Internet connection to perform various operations from validating, listing to transferring value across the world. 



Theory of Tokenization 


At present, roughly 40 million people are aware of blockchain, its use cases in the form of digital assets. But in approximately five years down the line, blockchain is expected to grow at a CAGR or Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 67.3%, becoming a US$39.7 billion economy from US$3 billion at present. That being said, the theory of tokenization will be dominant, all-pervasive, and result-driven. Even the World Economic Forum has vouched for blockchain technology where almost 10% of the Global GDP will be stored on DLT or Decentralized Ledger Technology. As a result, it is not far-fetched anticipation that tokenization  of everything will simplify operations and prevent economic loss.  Whether it is saving the rights of artists, bringing transparency in real-estate, or verifying education certificates, land records, or luxurious goods, everything will move towards blockchanization or the theory of tokenization. 



Uncensored App Demand 


Most social media platforms and other forums are under the influence of the government or private players  to run their own agenda and hide things that do not fulfill their greater good. This doesn’t just happen at a macro level like countries but even by corporates to hide their public shaming issues. In countries like China, where most of the information has to pass through government filter, the deep inroads of decentralized ledger technology will help the public usher in the age of getting the right to be informed always. A lot of misconducts like sexual violence in college, university bad records are not made available to the public, blockchain platform powered by the Ethereum Network will pave the way for a trustless and censorless environment, where people will have the right to know everything and that can happen only when everything is stored in a trustless, decentralized ledger system, the best part is no one can shut it down to fulfill their own agenda. Therefore, individuals can extract necessary data as and when required to influence critical rationale to eliminate false agendas or bad influences tailored to serve vile purposes. While buying Ethereum from any cryptocurrency exchange in India, you will bolster the scope of further scalability of the network to grow and thrive, in the process, incentivizing you for your investments. 



A Greater Scope for Innovation 


Almost 1 billion people across the world are unbanked or face challenges to wire themselves to the banking network, their key obstacles: Regulations and stricter policies. Ethereum has almost brought a storm with the DeFi projects where anyone can participate in the banking system which is completely decentralized and get benefits of consistent return from the same. The same goes for registering art or minting tokens for value exchange. The scope has been broadening with the passage of time and the launch of Ethereum 2.0 which will further open the scope for innovation. Smart-contracts have completely simplified lending, borrowing, collateralization, derivative-trading, and other functions. Smart-contracts on GTP have completely simplified lending, borrowing, collateralization, derivative-trading, and other functions. With the demand for  DeFi projects rising exponentially where the market cap rose from US$1 billion in April 2020 to US$15 billion in September, a span of just 5 months, it is hard to deny that more innovations likely in the future will drive the demand for the network and push the value of ETH in the near future to the sky. 


Diversification of Application 


Bitcoin just remained as a currency for exchange, but Ethereum has gone past that via smart-contracts. With the power of smart-contracts, people have changed the question from “is it on the blockchain” to “why it is not on the blockchain.” That said, the scope for blockchain integration in various sectors has increased manifolds allowing better chances of the technology to evolve from early adoption to majority dominance. 




Ethereum’s persistent growth has brought economic incentivization to the community and with threats from alternative networks like Polkadot and Avalance, often hailed as “ETH killers”, this supercomputing network is expected to bring greater advancements, innovations, and scalability solutions to support and strengthen investment for the near future. Hence, buying Ethereum in India wouldn’t be a bad choice after all. 

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