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Top 7 Benefits of Private Swim Lessons

Swimming is one of the best activities recommended by experts to stay fit. Whether a kid, teenager, or adult, this sport engages muscles and helps reduce stress.

But the question is how to learn to swim? Well, joining a swimming lesson in Singapore is the first step toward learning.

People consider private swimming in spite of a little higher price. Of Course there are some benefits behind it, so in this article, we will be sharing the top 7 advantages of choosing private swimming classes. 

Top 7 Benefits Of Private Swimming Lessons

There are two kinds of swimming classes: one is a group (consisting of 4 to 10 people) and the second is private lessons (consisting of a single student).

Still there are some people who hesitate to choose private toddler swimming lessons or adult classes because of many misconceptions. So, below we have listed the top 7 perks of private swimming classes. 

1. Improve swimming 

“Practice makes a person better” is a perfect saying for swimmers. People usually think racking up more lengths is the key to becoming a better swimmer. But it’s not true.

In swimming, the quantity is always trumped by quality. It demands the right way of performing strokes rather than the total number of strokes. This all occurs because swimming depends on the efficiency of a swimmer.

When a student takes private swimming lessons, the instructor puts effort into honing their swimming methods. It ultimately allows a student to practice more and master their techniques. The swimming coach’s attention and focus help optimize the student’s stroke. Moreover, one-to-one classes ensure that students work hard to achieve the final goal and improvise their skills.

2. Customized learning 

Accept the fact that no two people are similar. Everyone has different strengths and fears, whether a kid or an adult. Some people learn faster, while others take time to understand the same thing. 

You might remember the struggle of learning a complex concept in classes during school days. Similarly, the group swimming classes work well for learning basic lessons. But to improve and be a master in swimming requires private coaches. That is why customized classes are gaining much popularity these days. 

Swim instructors try to customize their classes to fit the requirements of students. And no doubt that under a low-pressure environment, a student feels much more comfortable and supported in learning new skills.

The private instructor will spend all the time enhancing the student’s skills so that they will improve faster. Also, a student feels much more comfortable sharing difficulties and weaknesses with the coach.

Undoubtedly, a skilled instructor can adapt to the capacity of each swimmer. But, in private classes, a coach can address the mistakes of an individual without any distractions.

3. Schedule classes 

Let’s accept the truth that parents are busy these days. Even if you are an adult and want to learn swimming, then you may also have a busy schedule. So, a kid or an adult doesn’t need to spare time to join a pre-scheduled group lesson.

The private swimming lessons offer more flexibility to the students. You can schedule classes for yourself or for kids on free time. The instructor will fix a schedule for lessons according to the student’s availability. It means the student (whether you or your kid) won’t miss any swimming class.

Also, private lessons allow students to resume the lessons where they have left the last time. In the end, it assures efficient and steady progress without messing with students’ schedules.

4. Faster improvement 

As you know, improvement and enhancing the swimming skills is an ultimate goal of private private or toddler swimming lessons. So, the first priority is learning faster and implementing the right swimming techniques. 

The group lesson includes a single instructor who has to divide their time among a group of students. But this isn’t the situation in a private swimming class. For example, if it’s a group of 5 people, then it will take you five times longer to get the same amount of knowledge that a student learns in a private lesson.

In simple language, let’s understand the figures. A six-week private lesson is equal to 30 weeks of group classes.

As we have already mentioned, some students learn faster while some take time to understand a concept. And it impacts the swimming skills of the students.

You might have seen students practice wrong methods while learning swimming, which is the clear result of negligence by the instructor. However, in private swimming classes, the focuses are undivided, so the coach only checks out one student’s mistakes.

5. Value for money 

Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s human nature to compare the value for money to everywhere we spend. 

We can’t deny that a private swimming lesson is more expensive than a group swimming class. Undoubtedly teaching 5 or 6 students in a group and instructing a single student has a lot of differences. So, it’s not surprising that private instructors charge a high cost. However, you must calculate whether it’s value for money or not.

A private lesson consists of more value for money. 


The mathematics is simple; a person joining a group class of 5 students will get 20% attention from an instructor. On the other hand, in a private class, the student will get 100% attention from the coach. So, the result is clear that the cost of per minute attention values the most to enhance swimming skills.

Also, there are more chances the students will learn faster in private classes instead of group sessions. 

6. Success

Swimming is a life saving skill that can be performed at the age of three to ninety three. That is why a student must learn it from an experienced and skilled swimming instructor. They teach the right fundamentals to the students. Also, consider private swimming lessons as the right way to provide a foundation for great success.

Eventually, using the right techniques allows for practicing and enjoying swimming for a lifetime. Furthermore, instructors need to put some effort in so that a student will experience fewer injuries while swimming.  

7. Build confidence 

Confidence is a major key to success! Do you believe that? Well, hope so!

Whether it’s swimming or any other activity, students have to stay positive and confident in themself. A positive attitude leads to success.

Sometimes kids or even adults hesitate to ask questions from instructors in front of other people. So, here enrollment in a private swimming class works as a savior.

Private swim lessons include one student only, so they can open up about their fears or problems in front of the instructor. Moreover, a private class eliminates the fear of getting judged by other people while asking queries. Ultimately it creates an effective and dynamic learning environment. 

Teaching swimming one-to-one with the help of an experienced coach overcomes the anxieties of students and builds confidence to improve their skills

Final Words 

Are you ready to enroll your kid or yourself in private swimming classes? Hopefully, this write-up is beneficial for you in making an informed decision.

If you are planning to join private swimming lessons in Singapore or a nearby area, then check the institute’s background. Ask them to show their testimonials as well as their success rate in teaching swimming.

Also, fix meetings with their expert coaches to know their way of teaching. Moreover, you can request a demo class for a better idea. We hope you find the right swimming coach.
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