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Top 7 Raspberry Pi Operating Systems

The Raspberry Pi OS is a low cost and small-sized computer that plugs into any computer monitor or TV and uses a standard keyboard and mouse to operate. Any age group people can any use this operating system properly. It is capable of doing tasks like every other desktop computers, such as internet browsing, playing high definition videos, word processing, playing games, and more. It can easily connect you to the world while keeping your device safe. This operating system includes some essential apps and features that enhance your device even more. Following are some of the operating systems that you can download on your Raspberry Pi to get started:


This is a free operating system based on Debian that comes with all the essential utilities and programs you will require to meet your general needs. It is officially supported by the Raspberry foundation, and not directly affiliated by it. This OS includes over 35,000 packages, pre-compiled software, and a friendly format for easy installation on your Raspberry Pi. A dedicated team of developers is working on its active development to improve the stability and performance of as many Debian packages as possible.

Ubuntu Mate

This server is available on Raspberry 2, or later, that was acquainted with Linux based distributions. The Linux computer system users would be familiar with Ubuntu. It makes the computer secure, powerful, and versatile. This operating system is accessible to all the computers that aren’t powerful enough to run composite desktops. It includes a lot of free installed apps such as Firefox, dictionary, data usage analyzer, power statistics, screenshots, password security, Blueman, and more. This operating system includes Ubuntu Mate, Mate desktop, and Ubuntu Base features.


It supports Slackware ARM Linux on Raspberry Pi. The package includes an in-built Slackware ARM installer images and packages. It is one of the best choice OS that you can get as you will be able to install it on an 8GB SD card. It might not support all the applications, but all the essential applications can be ported for the ARM architecture. You will be able to use this Slackware easily even if you are unfamiliar with Linux. You can go to their website to check the step-by-step process to install and tweak the settings on your mini computer.


Pidora came out of the Fedora operating system (Linux software distribution) for Raspberry Pi, which is designed from the latest build of Fedora for ARMv6 architecture. It offers excellent speed and carries 20 package set of applications and components. This one has been explicitly written for Raspberry Pi. You can use this operating system on your Pi devices without any monitor or display using the ‘Headless Mode’ feature.


This operating system is based on Raspberry Pi that doesn’t require any maintenance due to its Linutop Lock. It is compatible with standard office and can be easily customized with additional software. This operating system is ideal for shared desktops to maintain their security and prevent them from the virus. The Linutop KiosK features Internet Web KiosK that makes it easy to configure. It is fast and flexible as the entire operating system can be saved along with its configuration on a 1Go USB Key that enables mass deployment with minimal efforts. It is versatile as it’s compatible with all the major internet formats and bootable media.

Arch Linux ARM

This is a simple and easy-to-use operating system that provides full control to its users. The lightweight base structure of the system allows you to shape your computer according to your preferences. They have optimized packages, including software support and targeted kernel for soft-float, hard-float, and more. They keep coming up with the latest version of your package to ensure that you are always leading the edge of stability. Arch Linux ARM is a distribution of Linux for ARM computers.

Free BSD

This operating system powers the modern servers, desktops, and embedded platforms for free. It involves advanced networking security and storage features that have made it the best choice for the busiest websites, storage devices, etc. Its primary focus is on stability, and speed that is derived from the BSD version of UNIX. The robust network services, even under the most massive loads, makes it an ideal internet server. It can support desktop, servers, etc. easily with over 33,000 ported libraries and applications.

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