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Top 9 Jobs For Scuba Divers in 2021

Scuba diving is an adventurous sport that has gained much popularity in the recent past. Although many wanted to try out scuba diving and view mesmerizing visuals under the water, there were not many approved, PADI-certified centers for scuba diving in Kerala or most of the regions in India. A few areas like Andaman and Nicobar Islands had scuba diving facilities in India.
The good news is that one can enjoy scuba diving in Kovalam nowadays. The establishment of the facility has been attracting hordes of tourists. Another aspect is that aspirants can join a scuba diving course, which is rewarding as well as an enjoyable one. Here we are enumerating the top 9 jobs for scuba divers in 2021.

Jobs Opportunities For Scuba Diving

1.Diving Guide or Dive Instructor

A dive guide or dive instructor is one of the most sought-after professions. Any person above the age of 18 can pursue the course. The PADI certified diving training centers will have a formulated curriculum that will have laid down requirements to prove one’s mettle and caliber. After completing the requisite number of diving, swimming qualifications, diving tests and clocking the required hours in the water, the aspirant can become a dive guide or dive instructor. The course will also provide certification on CPR, first aid and Oxygen first aid. So that the candidate is professionally fit to handle any incidents or medical conditions during the coaching.

2.Dive Shop Owner or Manager

Starting a dive shop or joining a dive shop as a manager would be another ideal job option. Don’t forget to research and choose the right location if you are planning to start a dive shop. The investment must be made only after exhaustive research and analysis. Ideally, it should be close to the center for scuba diving in Kovalam or any other location of your choice. The aim is to have maximum clients, including recreational and diving aspirants. Obtain all the equipment, accessories, and items necessary for diving available for sale. Before commencing the business activities.

3.Public Safety Diver

The law enforcement agencies will require the support of a diver to retrieve evidence from a crime scene, to search for missing personnel in water, to support during accidents in water, and so on. A public safety diver is of utmost use to police and other agencies in the country. By gaining certification from PADI certified scuba diving center in Kerala, or elsewhere, you can become a public safety diver and extend your support. At the same time, earning a decent income.

4.Scientific Diver

Oceanographic researches, hydrographic survey, studies involving marine species and plants, and specific oceanic examinations will necessitate the support of qualified divers. The scientific divers help analysts and scientists in carrying out studies and investigations in the marine world. You can opt to become a scientific diver and earn. Moreover, it will be an interesting job if you are inquisitive about marine life.

5.Marine Biologist

Once you have become a qualified PADI certified diver, you can pursue the relevant courses to become a marine biologist. Study marine life and provide insights about underwater species to the world. Marine biologists offer great opportunities and enviable pay and perks.

6.Underwater Archeologist

Marine archaeology is a unique field that studies shipwrecks, investigates marine beds for unearthing remnants of monetary value, and searches for human remains. Those who have an interest in marine archaeological investigations can join as underwater archaeologists after getting the requisite PADI-approved scuba diving certification.

7.Golf Ball Diver

This job requires an advanced certification. We advise this job for those scuba divers, who are extremely confident and brave. As the golf ball diver’s job is to collect golf balls from ponds and water bodies in the gold course. Unlike other diving jobs, the water here would not be clean or clear. It will lack visibility and may contain dangerous species including poisonous snakes. The persons with confidence and extreme rescue capabilities should only opt for this job.

8.Travel Blogger

Travel blogging and vlogging have been trending for a quite long time now. Being a scuba diver, you are a cut above the rest. While the other bloggers are limited to the safety of land, you can explore the marine world, which most people are unheard of, and narrate it to the common public. It would be a rewarding option as a scuba diver, to start a YouTube channel or commence blogging for television viewers. This can also be a highly rewarding side business.

9.Underwater Photographer

Similar to wildlife photography, underwater photography is highly in demand. Why not capture the beauty of marine life and display it to the world? Since the scuba diver can remain underwater for a longer time, he or she can think of becoming an underwater photographer. Let the world amuse, enjoy and astonish watching coral reefs, shipwrecks, unique underwater caves, and other visuals.

The Brief

Obtaining a certification from PADI certified scuba diving center in Kerala will be an affordable option than anywhere else in the world. You can check out the course fee for diving courses at the center for scuba diving in Kovalam and compare the advantages with the other places before joining. Scuba diving course is the right choice if you have a passion for diving or are interested in researching and exploring marine life.
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