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Top Destinations For Tourism In Turkey 2021


Turkey’s exquisite nature and geographic location give it all the perks for travel. From the vibrant summers to the soft spring rains, Turkey is eye candy all year round. Bordered by 4 different seas, Turkey’s states offer different flavors that suit different climes; providing diverse stories that entertain every type of traveler. Turkey’s magical summers may be taking over the show, but tourism in Turkey during the winter is just as equally magical.

Here’s your ultimate tourism in Turkey 2021 guide packed with all the destinations you can visit throughout the seasons.

Top Destinations For Tourism In Turkey 2021

Cappadocia one of the best places to fly with hot air balloons.

A young attractive woman watches and photographs flying colorful balloons on an early morning in Goreme Valley, Cappadocia. Turkey

Tourism In Turkey During The Off-Season

Turkey’s magical summers may be taking over the show, but tourism in Turkey during the winter is just as equally magical. There are fewer crowds and shorter queues to your favorite sites. You can easily kick it off with locals and keep company by your side. But the jewel to the crown is that tourism in Turkey is much cheaper during the winter.

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1- Tourism In Turkey: Selçuk

Selçuk is the best know for the archeological city of Ephesus which was built in the 10th century BC by Greek colonists and was later revamped under the Roman ruling in 129 BC.

ancient city in Izmir Turkey

A woman standing at Ephesus ancient city in Izmir, Turkey.

Today, after a long-standing presence, Ephesus has become one of the well-known archeological museums. But the city offers several other activities that you can easily take on in the all-year-round breathtaking Selçuk.

Besides wandering around the ancient city of Ephesus, you can engage your artistic skills by getting to weave carpets with local weavers in a heart-warming gathering packed with stories.

You can also visit the terraced houses and catch a glimpse of sunset magic from the hill of Ayasuluk Fortress. Give your tourism in Turkey a richer experience by visiting the religious site, the Cave of the Seven Sleepers.

2- Tourism In Turkey: Amasya

If right now you could snap your fingers and find yourself anywhere, we’d take a guess and say the diverse Amasya. Rivers and valleys against rocky mountains make for a stunning landscape that gives you the feeling of being in a painting.

Amasya landscape beautiful river with clouds Clock Tow

Amasya Turkey 2021 Amasya is a city in northern Turkey. Amasya is located inside the Black Sea Region.

Said to be where the Ferhat and Shirin folklore originated, Amasya’s air is dense in history and culture. Take in the view with a Turkish breakfast and marvel further at its wonders through hiking & sightseeing. From museums to landmarks such as the Pontic rock tombs and everything to let your mind wander.

3- Tourism In Tuekey: Kayseri

discover one of the best activities in Keysari Turkey

People skiing in Erciyes ski resort. Snowy Mount Erciyes

Kayseri is about thrills and adventures and will give your winter budget travel all the fun it needs. Skiing in Mount Erciyes is an experience that stands out and can make your tourism in Turkey the most special. Couple up the adrenaline rush with more traditional activities such as visiting the Soganli Valley, museums, and malls.

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4- Tourism In Turkey: Bolu

We can’t keep Bolu out of this list, it’s home to Turkey’s top cooks, and the Muhallemi, a cheese and butter dish served with bread, is a must-try; just what you need with a cup of çay to keep warm. And if you want a one-of-a-kind experience of tourism in Turkey, you have none other than Bolu to venture into. The best chefs in the country come from Bolu. Even during the Ottoman Empire, Bolu was best known for its chefs and flavor-rich dishes. The food you will eat in Bolu like no other in the country.

 Abant National Park - Bolu, Turkey

Abant Lake – Autumn forest landscape reflection on the water with wooden pier – Abant National Park – Bolu, Turkey

But Bolu is more than just feasting, it is the place for adrenaline rushes from skiing to zip-lining & heliskiing on the white-dressed Kackar mountains. And amidst the extreme sports, you can make time to wander through the Golcuk breathtaking lake and the famous Lake Abant. Both lakes freeze in the winter and the snow-blanketed pines create a mesmerizing scene.

Bolu keeps a perfect balance between tranquility and crazy outdoor activities and accommodation is typically in wooden houses fully equipped and prepped for the winter to give you that true local essence. Give your tourism in Turkey the winter magic it needs.

Tourism In Turkey During The Summer & Spring

1- Tourism In Turkey: Istanbul

Istanbul is equally as pretty in the wintertime, but it glows differently under the humid air for the summer and you simply can’t skip it during your tourism in Turkey.  The city is traditionally populous and has much to offer. There are endless places to visit, so much food to try, and many friendships to spark in Istanbul’s summer painted streets. And nothing catches the brilliance of the shrubs against the colorful houses, the soft rains, and magical skies like the panoramic view from the Galata Tower. Built-in the 6th century BC, Galata has become the most iconic visual in the country taking over Istanbul’s skyline.

Galata Tower, Suleymaniye Mosque

Skyline of Istanbul. Galata Tower, Suleymaniye Mosque (Ottoman imperial mosque). Istanbul / Turkey

You can couple this by dining in Galata’s restaurants enjoying the most delicious Turkish dishes while getting your eyeful of beautiful scenery. A beautiful activity that touches upon your tourism in Turkey.

From strolling through the Istiklal street and munching on all the different local snacks to visiting all the landmarks in the cosmopolitan İstanbul. Tourism in Turkey is never a complete experience if you don’t venture into Turkey’s cobblestoned alleys.

Make sure you visit the Sultanahmet, take a ride through the Bosphorus, and visit the Kizkulesi. And don’t forget to grab a bite of Turkish delights.

2- Tourism In Turkey: Cappadocia

Romantic scene in Cappadocia, Turkey.

A woman sits on the roof of Cappadocia while balloons fly in the early hours of the morning. A romantic scene in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Nothing keeps it fun like Turkish street food, a ride in hot air balloons overlooking the breathtaking scenery of Cappadocia, visiting underground cities, and a Turkish hammam to seal the day.

Summer in Cappadocia is a dreamy experience of laughter, joy, and healing.

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3- Tourism In Turkey: Pammukale

pammukale turkey

Tourists swim in an antique Cleopatra pool. The color of the water is caused by the presence of a large amount of radon. Pammukale, Turkey

The oyster-shaped pools of Pammukale were built around a  warm-water spring sometime in 190 BC, & the thermal water makes it an ideal spot for swimming. Make sure the heavenly cotton castle isn’t off-grid during your tourism in Turkey.

4- Tourism In Turkey: Antalya

Antalya is the people’s favorite and it’s the best destination for tourism in Turkey during the hot season. If you have a penchant for history or are a beach lover Antalya’s history-rich sands cater to both.

Manavgat, Antalya - Turkey

Explore !. Tazi Canyon (Valley of Wisdom) Manavgat, Antalya – Turkey.

Stroll through the old town of Kaleici, a neighborhood of restored Ottoman mansions to take you back hundreds of years. Make sure you visit the Old Harbor, where you can find bazaars, cafes, and boutiques overlooking the twinkling Mediterranean waters. Many museums, forests, and landmarks to visit before the warm waters of Antalya’s shores embrace you in beach parties and fun water activities.

5- Tourism In Turkey: Fethiye

Fathiya Tyrkey best view

Oludeniz Bay view in Fethiye Town

Paint your tourism in Turkey with the right shades of turquoise by journeying across Fethiyes warm water shores. Become familiar with the city by visiting the Fethiye museum, the abandoned stone village of Kayakoy, the Roman Theatre among many more before you get your adrenaline pumping. Fethiye is the address for summer extreme sports!

Just the twist to make your tourism in Turkey memorable.

6- Tourism In Turkey: Bodrum

Bodrum turkey best view

Bodrum, Turkey Saint Peter Castle (Bodrum Castle) and marina

Venture away from the Mediterranean sea and bath in Aegean magic in the breathtaking summer colors of Bodrum. Visit Bodrum’s Museum of Underwater Archeology and get awe-stricken by the thrilling heap of very ancient items. Perfect for a stroll in the evening after basking in Bodrum’s white-sanded beaches.

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Turkey is among the popular tourist destinations in the world. From all the activities it provides all year round, we’ve picked some of the tops for each season.

You simply can’t keep these stops off-grid from your tourism in Turkey trip. Contact us if you need assistance with finding property for rent during your tourism in Turkey 2021.

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