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Top Electronics Shops in Mumbai

electronic shops in Mumbai
online store for electronics

If We try to make a list of Electronics shops in Mumbai, it would be very long. Here we have tried to list some of the Top Electronics shops in Mumbai. Here We are considering only an online store for electronics in Mumbai.

World of electronics

Recently Electronics has become an integral part of our life. A few years back electronics market just got its beginning. In starting period electronics came to our life as a part to provide easiness but with time it has become our connection to the world of entertainment, a world of knowledge, and a more comfortable life.

Electronics saw in Mumbai

It is hard to imagine life without electronics in modern times. Today we are surrounded by electronic gadgets. The Picture is the same if we talk about Mumbai. There are many electronics shops in Mumbai. Here we will list only online stores for electronics means stores in Mumbai with an online presence.

Sony Mony Electronics

Sony Mony is one of the candidates on our list and that is because of its High volume of the collection. It is one of the best and known candidates for electronics in Mumbai.

And the best part is that it is easy to access almost any corner of Mumbai, whether you want to visit the store or want delivery at your address. Sony Mony has three outlets in Mumbai. They are situated at Andheri, Borivali, and Vile Parle.

What They are Offering

The Sony Mony Electronics Offers you LED Television, smart TV, smartphone, soundbar, washing machine, fridge, microwave, and many other electronic items, which makes it one of the best on the list for electronics shops in Mumbai

Contact details


Phone- +91836923834


Vijay Sales

Vijay Sales is one of the known brand names in the Electronics market since 1967. It started on a small scale and now available nationwide. As We are talking about Electronics shops in Mumbai, Vijay Sales has around 10 branches in Mumbai or maybe more. So, it is easier for Mumbai people to reach Vijay sales near to their place

Their online website will also give you a nice online shopping experience and it is loaded with lots of items and offers. It is offering Phones, laptops, smartphones, tabs, printers, washing machines, AC, Television, and many more.



Another very well-known brand with many branches in Mumbai. Croma is from TATA.  Croma has around 10 or more than 10 branches in Mumbai so the same benefit for buyers in Mumbai that they can easily access to any nearby store of Croma.

You can Visit online or their physical store for Laptop, mobile phone, fridge, Ac, washing machine, home appliances, kitchen appliances, and many more. Also, like other electronics shops in Mumbai Croma maintains the same level of quality and customer service at their multiple branches in Mumbai.


Reliance Digital

Mumbai is loaded with Reliance Digital branches. Another Well-known brand in the electronics world. Reliance Digital will give you a nice online shopping experience if you visit its online site. It’s good at customer service in Mumbai as well as other parts of India.

You can Buy Mobile, tablets, Television, Audio appliances, computers, laptop, gaming consoles, cameras, kitchen appliances, and many more at Reliance Digital. They have approximately 10 branches or more than 10 in Mumbai. Reliance Digital is one of the best candidates for Electronics shops in Mumbai and tuff compaction for other brands.

E Zone

E Zone also contributes a large amount of supply to full fill Mumbai’s electronics component requirement. This brand is having many stores in Mumbai. People, almost from every corner of Mumbai can easily access E Zone. E Zone offers many electronics in Mumbai but if we talk specifically you can buy a phone, washing machine, LED television, personal grooming items like a dryer, ironing machine, kitchen appliances like microwave, toaster, kettle, AC, fridge, and many more.

You can access all these electronic gadgets online from their online website. As they have many branches so we expect that, their delivery would be quick and on time.

Pooja electronics

Pooja Electronics is serving Mumbai since 1998. It especially got an entry in our list for its website, which is enough to give you the best online shopping experience.

You can buy an LCD tv, Plasmas, a DVD player, recorder and many more. Pooja electronics mainly focuses on Recording electronics items like video recording, audio recording, camera lenses sound system, and others. They don’t offer home appliances but if you love to record video or audio pooja electronics is one of the best choices for Mumbai people.

Pooja electronics have their physical address at New link road, Andheri west Mumbai.

Contact Details

Phone- 022-61770010


So, this was an effort to give you a short detail of some of the best electronics shops in Mumbai. Hope this information will help you in your upcoming electronic online or offline shopping.
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