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Top Health and Fitness Apps to Install on Your Apple Watch

In this growing technological world, it has now become much easier for all of us to stay fit and healthy. And now, in this fast lifestyle, it is even more essential to take care of our own health. Well, thanks to the technological devices that enable us to track every record related to our well being. Apple Watch is one of the most trending wearable gadgets these days that is used by millions of people all over the world. However, there are various other smartwatch brands also, but Apple has its standards, and it is the most trusted brand among its users. And when it comes to health and fitness, then the Apple smartwatch can be your fitness companion. If you are a fitness enthusiast and a user of Apple Watch, then you can turn your Apple smartwatch into your fitness trainer.


Although, Apple Watch performs various other functions for you like it tracks your heart rate, counts the steps you walk, records your physical activities, follows your sleep pattern, and much more than that. But, if you are looking for a more customized experience, then some third-party health and fitness apps can boost your health even more. Do you want to know what fitness apps you should install on your Apple smartwatch? Want some ideas? If yes, then, here you will get some suggestions that you can consider. Here, in our following article, we have lined up a list of the five best health and fitness apps that you should install on your smartwatch. Please, read the complete article to get to the list.

The Best 5 Health and Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

There are a variety of great fitness apps that you can install from the App Store. Some of these apps are entirely free to install. This way, it is the most perfect and cool way to stay fit and healthy. With so many available options, sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide which one to choose. But, now, you don’t need to worry at all. We’ll help you to make your mind clear. Given below are the health and fitness apps that you can install on your Apple Watch.


SmartGym is one of the best fitness apps to install on your Apple Watch. Most people prefer the gym to stay fit and healthy. And if you are a newcomer, then it seems a bit hard to know where to start. But, if you have the SmartGym app on your Apple Watch, then there is no need to head to the Gym. This is an app that acts as your fitness trainer. This fantastic fitness app enables you to create and manage all of your routines. Along with this, it also tracks a record of your body measures. SmartGym app provides you with 250 exercises and describes them with animations and images. Not only this, but you will get various premade workouts from professionals. It is a free application that you can install from the App Store. köyceğiz escort


RunKeeper is another excellent fitness app that you should consider installing on your Apple Watch. It is the most convenient app, especially for the runners. With this app, anyone can track their progress in running, walking, and biking. You can even track your running pattern. It also comes with a GPS that enables you to view your routes while running. You can use this app to set fitness goals like losing weight, running faster, and anything. Besides that, you will get various in-app challenges and daily rewards that will keep you motivated to reach your goals. You can get the RunKeeper app from the App Store without any charges.


MyFitnessPal is an app that is designed to help you to lose weight. It tracks your daily calories, count steps, and tracks your progress in the exercises and more. MyFitnessPal app has a scanner that enables you to scan the barcode of the food that you take so that you can add them to your diet as per the requirements. It is a feature-packed application that you should install on your Apple Watch. However, this is a free app that allows you to enjoy some of its basic features. But, if you want to explore its advanced features, then you can consider its paid version.


Workout is an inbuilt fitness app that you get pre-installed on your Apple Watch. This fitness app enables you to track various kinds of activities like running, cycling, walking, swimming, and other indoor and outdoor activities as well. It is easy to use this application on your Apple Watch. To see the types of workouts supported by this app, simply launch the app on your smartwatch and swipe through the watch screen. With this application, your Apple Watch can be your perfect gym companion. The app also tracks the calories that you burn by doing exercises.

Pocket Yoga

Yoga is the perfect and awesome way of staying fit and healthy. Pocket Yoga is a fantastic application that includes 27 different yoga sessions. With this app, you can now establish your own yoga studio anywhere. Pocket Yoga app helps you improve your yoga moves and postures with the audio and video instructions. If you love to do yoga, but not ready to go to a group class, then this is a must-have application. However, this is not a free application, but it’s worth giving it a try.

So, this is how you can stay fit and healthy using any of these fitness applications on your Apple smartwatch. Try any of these apps and let us know which one is your favorite. And for more suggestions like this, stay connected with us and check out the related articles on our website.

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