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Top Horror Movies to Watch on Hulu

In today’s time when TV and theatres have nothing unique to air, people are turning their attention to the online content streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, etc. while all of them dominate other genres, Hulu has managed to grab the interest of people who love some horrific and supernatural stories over romance and comedy. Here is a list of top horror genre picks you can check out on Hulu:


This movie keeps bouncing between the category of science fiction and horror, but with all the blood and gory scenes, it is meant to scare and not intrigue. Coherence does not deal with improbable horror but an existential one. In the movie, eight friends reunite and meet in California. But this regular setup of events is disrupted when a comet passes and triggers a chain of unexplainable events and happenings. The fact the movie is so possible makes it the best horror on Hulu.


Humans have harbored a fear of being eaten by a large and dangerous animal since forever. So when you see a movie where such an animal crawls into the house of the central character, it gets way too real. The movie depicts a college student who comes home to meet his father only to discover that an alligator has attacked him. A hurricane flood hits the locality, and now the father-son duo has to save their lives for the beast swimming in their basement and waiting to devour them.

The Devil’s Rejects

Rob Zombie has been a part of several worthy projects, but The Devil’s Rejects, released in 2005, continues to be his greatest triumph. The movie is a loose-ended sequel to his first movie, House of 1000 Corpses. As available on Hulu, the movie takes us on a journey with Captain Spaulding, Otis, and Baby, who venture on a criminal path once the police kill nearly all of their clan. They are opposed by Sheriff Wydell, a barbarous and merciless law enforcer who is a notch worse than the three. fethiye escort

Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

Since the 1980 original release, this is the closest sequel to the twenty-first century, but there exists a scope of improvement. Nonetheless, Jason fans got their required dose of horror from the movie. The film also introduced Jason’s biggest enemy, Tommy Jarvis. To put a cherry on the cake, Jason’s death is as human as possible, only to rise from his grave as a zombie in the sixth movie. For fans of the horror adrenaline, this is a must-watch.

Hellbound: Hellraiser 2

It is not a common occurrence that a movie sequel is rated better than the original movie. But Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 is one of the few who came close to being that. Tony Randel tells the story of Kirsty Cotton (played by Ashley Laurence), who ventures into Hell to rescue her father but runs into a conflict with her damnable uncle and stepmother as well as Cenobite lead Pinhead.

Mom and dad

Kinds turning evil and going after the parents and other elders is a regular in the horror genre, but it gets exponentially scary when the scenarios reverse. In the 2018 movie, some unexplained phenomenon makes the parents turn against their kids and kill them. The movie features Nicholas Cage, who portrayed the character with surprising finesse and conviction. A lot of critics described this movie as “Home Alone but on acid.”


Oculus is the most appreciated and commended work by Mike Flanagan in the horror genre. The story of an elder sister and a younger brother, adamant on proving that a mirror was responsible for their parents’ disastrous death makes you sympathize with them. But at the same time, you constantly squirm as the mirror makes the two hallucinate and question everything around them. The movie blurs lines between reality and imagination forced in your head by the evil mirror.


Humanity’s history of war is an already dark subject, but Overlord makes it worse. The movie imagines and presents a scenario wherein the Nazi experiments with the genetic makeup of people take a worse turn, and they become bloodthirsty beasts. A bunch of American soldiers is tasked to dismantle the Nazi radio communications from within a church. But, they soon realize that the church is also home to some shady and morally incorrect experiments.

A Quiet Place

A sequel to this movie was scheduled to release earlier this year, but the dates had to be pushed because of the ongoing global pandemic. The movie starring John Krasinski and his real-life wife, it deals with a world where a human-eating monster can hear the smallest of noise from the farthest of areas. The family has to operate without speaking or making any sound whatsoever. The movie is a masterpiece despite nearly no dialogues and all emotions conveyed through expressions.

Hulu has constantly maintained a comparatively good selection of horror flicks, and that dominance is required when all the streaming platforms are facing a tight competition with each other

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