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Top Rated Destinations To visit in Oakland.

Sandy oak trees are native to Oakland because of which the place earned the name. But it is not only famous for its name or the oak trees. Rather, it has many other important and amazing places to visit. So, if you are thinking of flying to any destination, choose Oak land this time.  Here are some top-rated destinations to visit in Oakland. If you are interested, you can check out these in the below sections.


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List of Top Rated Destinations To Visit in Oakland.


Here is the list of Top Rated Destinations To Visit in Oakland.


Lake Merritt, One of the Top Rated Destinations To Visit in Oakland


A lovely parkland with wide lawns and stands of lush trees. You can find some delightful picnic places found at Lake Merritt. This verdant green area provides a haven of peace in the middle of the metropolis. Locals converge here to unwind and mingle.


Seven acres of exquisitely themed gardens can be found at Lakeside Park at Lake Merritt. These gardens include a Bonsai Garden, the aromatic Sensory Garden. It is filled with aromatic plants like lavender, oregano, rosemary, and Grecian bay trees. Also, it is an Edible Garden that shows how to grow organic vegetables and a lovely Mediterranean Garden that is built around a historic fountain. So, if you are interested in such beauty, you must not miss this spot if you have flown to Oakland to explore.


Oakland Museum of California

This is the museum that will tell you all about the history and culture of California. It exhibits some extensive and permanent collections, including the art of California. And its natural sciences.  There were several movements and acts that took place in the history of California. Some of the highlighted ones are the Black Panther Movement and Black anti-racist activism, including many other historical and political issues. Most of the major ones have been dedicated to a special area in the museum. 


If you manage to come on Fridays between 5 pm to 9 pm, then you will get a chance to meet with the local community. 


Children’s Fairyland


Another one of the  Top Rated Destinations To visit in Oakland is Children’s Fairyland. It is close to Lakeside Park in Lake Merritt. Children’s Fairyland has been enthralling young children with a range of attractions based on traditional fairy tales since 1950. It is well known that Walt Disney was inspired by this fantastical amusement park.


The Storybook Puppet Theater in Fairyland is renowned for being the oldest continually running puppet theater in the country. The theater uses endearing costumes, vibrant settings, and music to bring puppet tales to life. By using Japanese bunraku and Balinese shadow puppets in addition to traditional European hand puppets and marionettes, the puppets also introduce children to a diversity of cultural traditions.


Oakland Zoo:

The zoo is situated in Knowland Park. It houses around 850 species, including native and exotic ones. If you are someone who loves animals and want to get close by, you can go to the Wayne and Gladys Valley Children’s Zoo. Also, if children want to feed the pets and domestic animals such as goats and sheep, they can have the opportunity for the same. 


The zoo also has a train that trails you through the zoo. Also, it has a roller coaster and other rides. At Safari Cafe, you can have some relaxing drinks and snacks after you become tired of moving all around and spending your energy feeding young animals.


Morcom Rose Garden: Another Top Rated Destinations To Visit in Oakland.


The city-owned Morcom Rose Garden is creased away in a quiet neighborhood. It is a magical place that is filled with hundreds of roses in all various hues and varieties. This garden is a popular location for photo ops among locals because of the abundance of blossoms.


From early May to late October, roses are in bloom. The spring and early summer are particularly lovely times to visit the garden. From the end of May through the end of July is the peak season.


Also, you must keep in mind that you might find some areas reserved for events such as weddings or reception parties. However, this is the case only on the weekends. So, you must make sure that you are coming to this place on the weekdays if you do bit want to leave any place untouched. 


Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park

Second-growth trees can be found in Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park on land that was logged for timber in the middle of the nineteenth century. The redwood forest was restored and made a public park in 1939 because of the preservation work of Dr. Aurelia Reinhardt, He was chosen to serve on the park district’s inaugural Board of Directors in the 1930s. 2019 saw a park renaming to recognize Reinhardt’s contributions to the public sector.


A short drive from downtown Oakland brings you to this natural redwood forest. Here you can meditate in the tranquil redwood forests. The park is traversed by a system of trails for cycling, hiking, and horseback riding. Visitors are encouraged to stroll amid the redwoods on the well-kept paths, and thorough trail maps are available.


With this list of Top Rated Destinations To visit in Oakland, we end our count. However, it is a full stop from our side, but there is way more to see in Oakland; it would be an injustice to the city if we say these are only a few of the places to see in Oakland. Now, by any chance, you had already booked your flights with southwest airlines, and after reading this blog, you think that you would need more time to explore, then you can change your flight date for the return. Yes, go through Southwest change flight guidelines on the official site of it. And if it suits you, you can change your travel date as per your new plans. 


What is the best time to fly to Oakland?

Now that you have come to know what are some of the top rated destinations to visit in Oakland let us find out the best time or month to go there. The most suitable season to visit Oakland is the Fall, so if you think what could be the best time, it is from September to November. 


Well, apart from the fall, you can also visit this place during the month of March, April, and May. During these months, Oakland experiences its Spring. So, if you are not suitable for the fall months, you can visit Oakland during its Spring season Southwest change flight .


What are the best hores to stay in Oakland for sightseeing?


Well, you will get many options when you search for this online. However, we have mentioned some of the main and authentic ones in the following list:


  • Oakland Marriott City
  • Waterfront Hotel
  • Plus Bayside Hotel
  • Executive Inn
  • Quality Inn Oakland.
  • Imperial Inn

The above-mentioned list has been as per your budget. The first one lies in the luxury category when it comes to lodging, while the last two fall under budget hotels.

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