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Top Reasons to Opt for AngularJS Framework for Development in 2020

Hire Dedicated AngularJs Programmer

Even though it’s not been long since its introduction in the world of web development, AngularJS has made it a mark of its own. Unleashed in 2009, AngularJS has grabbed eyeballs of many enterprises for its superb simplicity and functionality.

In a short period, AngularJS has become quite popular and is used by many companies like Upwork, PayPal, Netflix, and many more reputed brands. After NodeJS in 2018, this framework is widely used by many enterprises, thanks to its robust features. These features enable developers to write readable and easily maintain code.

Managed by a community of developers, AngularJS always stands out. The framework facilitates robust web development. Subsequently, many companies turn to AngularJS development services to make the most of the technology. Here, we discuss the reasons for companies to choose this framework over other front-end development technologies.

Let’s dive in to know about AngularJS:

What is AngularJS?

With a wide range of features and functionalities, AngularJS is ranked on top of all front-end development frameworks. This fantastic framework is designed for creating interactive web applications. Known as one of the top JavaScript frameworks, it assists in developing dynamic websites, and it supports the MVC programming structure. In a short period, it’s become popular among developers as it offers them the scope to be productive and creative while developing web applications.

The framework facilitates data synchronization efficiently and automatically with a little effort. It enables developers to curate the architecture of applications profoundly. Thus it encourages developers to dive deep into its features and benefits. With its enormous features, it makes for an excellent choice for your next project.

hire dedicated angularjs developer

Simple to Use :

Angular is an easy to use framework, without requiring too much of coding. A good web development company offering AngularJS development service can build robust applications quicker than the rest of the companies. Less coding saves time and effort of developers, allowing them to focus on other aspects of technology.

Supports MVC Architecture :

Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS supports MVC architecture for creating web applications. By doing so, it saves time and efforts of the developers. Plus, it helps in data synchronization efficiently and automatically with a little effort.

Impressive User Interface :

No other framework can create such a great user interface than AngularJS. It is a go-to framework with the ability to deliver a good user interface, and it makes app development easier and more stress-free.

Dual data binding :

Dual data binding is a unique feature in AngularJS, which saves time and effort by allowing the impact of change in the application on the UI and backend. It reduces the hassle as the changes can be made without too much coding.

New module creation :

This is another fantastic feature available in AngularJS. It allows developers to create some modules for a single application, as modules are independent of each other. These modules can be combined to run the entire application.

Simple testing :

Testing is critical for web development, no matter which domain it is for. If you hire a dedicated AngularJS developer, he will be able to detect errors and code defects easily and finish the project quicker than expected with the help of technology. The most significant advantage of using AngularJS is that it makes testing more of a straightforward process. The measurement becomes easier on this impressive framework.

Massive community support :

What makes the framework stand out is the massive community support. Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS enjoys this community support. It helps in finding a solution to minor or major issues in the development process, thus making it easier and more stress-free. The community also hosts conferences and invites delegates from all across the world to discuss new technology and features and introduce recent advancements in the industry.

Hire an AngularJS programmer who can fix major or minor issues associated with front end development. So, shed your worries. Find a developer with a go-getter attitude who can develop high-end applications without much depending on the third-party software.
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