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Top Starting School Tips For Parents – Coping With Your Child

The first term of the new school year is an exciting time for children to meet new fellows, learn new things, and broaden their horizons. However, it can be a difficult moment for the entire family. If your child is going to attend school this year, it is reasonable for both you and your child to be nervous. Most of the parents suffer from parental anxiety about their child starting school. Do not worry. You can work on many strategies to make the transition to the new school as easy as possible. You can even glance at other forms of tuition, including online tuition in London, to help your child learn things staying at home. Furthermore, online tuition reading will boost your child’s reading skills.

Here are some starting school tips to assist parents in addressing common inquiries and ensuring that their children get the best out of school.

Ensure That Your Child Has Mastered The Fundamentals

What should a child know before starting school?

Make sure your child has mastered the following essential skills to make a move to the new school as smooth as possible:

Make certain that your children can go to the bathroom by themselves. Your child should be able to recognize some letters, colours, and numbers and take a pencil and hold it in your hand. Encourage them to make friends and interact socially. Last but not least, teach your child to close their shoes, coats, and zippers/buttons.

Practice these weeks before the start of school so that your child feels comfortable.

Include Your Child In The Arrangements For School

Here is another important starting school tip. Take your children with you when shopping for school supplies such as books, backpacks, lunch boxes, and other items. Maintain a pleasant attitude throughout the shopping trip, and if feasible, let them select their school bag or lunchbox. Make sure your child knows to operate their backpack, lunchbox, and water bottle. Make them familiar with everything in the starting school checklist.

Include children in the process of wrapping books, labelling them, and preparing their school bags for the first day.

Be cheerful, joyful, and strong

Be pleasant, cheerful, and firm while saying goodbye when you drop them off at school. A lovely “goodbye, and I look forward to hearing all your news “will make all the difference to your child (even if you are in tears inside!). If they see you are positive, happy, and unconcerned, they will learn that they have nothing to be concerned about as well.

And do not worry if your child starts crying as soon as you walk out of the classroom; it’s pretty natural. We have all been there! 

Look for Familiar Faces

Starting school and knowing no one in their class might be intimidating for a child. Even if they don’t become long-term friends, seeing familiar faces can help them feel more at ease in the beginning.

So, if your child does not know any of the new students in their class, ask the school to connect you with some of the other new parents and attempt to schedule at least one playdate or more before school begins. It will also help you become friends with some of the new parents.

Teach Your Child To Stay Organised

Your child will return home with a lot of new knowledge, schedules, and specifics to remember. It is natural if a sense of panic develops.

Use differently colored pens to classify all the items they need to remember on a wall-chart, a whiteboard, or a day-planner that they may hang on the bedroom wall.

Organise a storage area for all of their belongings – school bags, gym gear, lunch boxes, and so on. Explain to your child exactly what you want them to do, such as “This is where we will hang our coats and leave our shoes.”

Address Concerns Of Your Child

While being cheerful and enthusiastic is admirable, your children also require your assistance in overcoming their fears. Now is the moment to inquire about the concerns they have. Their main concern will most likely be establishing new friends. Discuss how they found friends in their previous school. Talk about how thrilling it is to meet a whole new group of people. Make actual plans to invite their new classmates over to your house or to have play dates at the new park down the street. Other concerns may include who their new teacher will be, what class they will be in, and whether they will navigate the new school.  

Some Vital Starting School Tips

You can also do a few other things to help in the transition:

  • Request a portfolio of your child’s work from the new teacher.
  • Make a scrapbook with pictures of your child’s old classmates, activities, teachers, and other recollections.
  • Make a list of your kids’ friends’ phone numbers and addresses.
  • Make arrangements for a meetup party.

Impacts Of Starting School On Child Development

Starting school has several impacts on child development. Before starting school, most children have already spent time in a preschool or nursery setting. They have already had to face several main challenges:

  •  Leaving behind familiar people and methods of behaving at home
  •  Being self-sufficient – managing on their own
  •  Interacting with a variety of people, both children and seniors
  •  Developing new abilities and taking on new responsibilities
  •  Your child and other fellows will be competing with one another and comparing themselves to others.

All transitions are stressful, and for children, going to school for the first time, regardless of their experience, is a significant event. All these challenges have several impacts on child development.

Positive impacts of starting school on child development

Self-belief, problem-solving skills, cooperation, consciousness and social skills are among the few benefits and starting school tips children can gain via schooling. Responding positively to your child’s activities at school might boost self-esteem. Giving a child a positive reaction and stimulating enthusiasm, whether they sing, burble, gurgle, cry, or smile will have great benefits. Your child’s physical coordination also improves by enabling them to move around. Placing toys and playthings a short distance away from your child encourages movement and mobility at a young age. Providing your child with various toys in various forms, patterns, and colours helps encourage interaction and develop physical coordination.

How Can Online Tutoring Be Helpful For Your Child?

Lastly, we will discuss a perfect alternative for your child. Online tuition in the UK and many others have skillful online tutors for 5-year-old kids and above. These tutors not only minimise your child’s fears to attend a school but also help them academically in significant ways. Online tuition is a new substitute for your children in today’s developing world. They can learn, develop new and vital skills, and overcome their settling issues at a school. If you are concerned about your child’s adaptation problems at a new school, then online tuition can be the best match for your child. Include children in the process of wrapping books, labelling them, and preparing their school bags for the first day.

We discussed starting school tips for your child in this blog. We enlisted several impacts of starting school on child development. These will help you and your child to cope with starting school.
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