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Top Ways to get More Subscribers for your New YouTube Channel [100% Safe]

Youtube subscribers which are the main issue of this era. We know the content of our youtube channel but the main problem lies in how to get more subscribers for the channel. Almost everyone in 2020 wants to start a youtube channel but what about subscribers? 

Let us discuss some proven strategies and advance techniques for getting more youtube subscribers in 2020. 

  1. First thing is to turn your watermark into a subscribe button, this strategy is like a cheat code to get new subscribers.  Watermarks are cool because people can subscribe to the channel without stopping the video or leaving the channel, people actually use watermarks to subscribe to the channel more often and ultimately that is your goal to change your viewers into subscribers. 
  1. The next strategy is to use the top formula for your channel trailer, it’s no secret that a channel trailer can turn random viewers into loyal subscribers. So how do you create a trailer that actually works? The answer is the top formula which is a three-step formula to create a channel trailer that actually gets the result. First, you want to address your target audience in the first and second half of your trailer because at this point the person watching your trailer isn’t aware of what this channel is for so you must address and make it clear. Next, it’s time to tell your origin story, so here is the time to explain why you created your youtube channel and make no mistake the origin story is very powerful that’s because your channel story helps stand out from thousands of other channels and it also helps viewers relate to you as a person which makes them more likely to subscribe. At this point, the person watching the trailer is this close to subscribing. They just need a little push so don’t be afraid to ask people to subscribe to your channel. As a pro tip don’t end your trailer right here instead add five to ten seconds to the end screen that displays a prominent subscribe button, this helps convert even more viewers into subscribers. 
  1. Now let’s move to the next strategy and that is no comment left behind the strategy. In fact, even youtube states that when creators take the time to interact with your youtube community, it encourages your audience and gains their participation which will ultimately result in your larger fanbase. 
  1. It’s time for our next strategy. The winner takes all the techniques. First login to youtube analytics and click subscribers then click on YouTube watch page and then just like that you can see which videos generated more subscribers, generally these videos are winners because they have proven to generate above an average number of subscribers and if you can get your winners in finding more people you can get subscribers and to get this first option is to make your winner video as your channel trailer because the trailer is the first thing that the people who haven’t subscribed to your channel see when they come to your page. You can also include your winning video as the first video of your playlist. So these are some strategies which in turn helps you increase your youtube subscribers.
  1. Create interesting and informative content

If you want people to watch your video, you need to create compelling and informative content. Here are some ways you can create better content:

  • Create your content around a specific audience.
  • Make sure that you plan your video script in advance, so that all relevant points are covered and that you don’t overwhelm viewers with unnecessary information. If you think there is a lot of information in one video, split it up into several videos.
  • Viewers like it when you use a good example now and then. Use examples as much as you can and make sure they are from high-quality sites.
  • Add visual aids to your content to make it more attractive
  • Always start your videos with an interesting hook that will make people want to keep watching the rest of the video.
  • Always use original content. If you use someone else’s content, your video will not be attractive enough, not to mention that you could end up alienating people
  • Include cards, end screens and pattern breaks to engage your audience
  1. Connect and Interact with your audience

When you interact with your viewers, it gives them a sense of gratification. This leads to greater chances for people who want to subscribe to your channel.

If someone has taken the time to watch your video, thank them at the end of the video and give you an idea of where to look for more information.

Rewarding excellent comments (on and off YouTube) for your support also helps to improve commitments. In addition, you don’t always need to make a pre-recorded video; live streaming is a good way to interact with your audience in real-time.

  1. Promote your videos on other platforms

If you want your video to reach people outside of YouTube, it’s a good idea to promote your videos on other platforms like

  • Social media
  • Discussions on forums and blogs
  • Link building
  • Influence Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  1. Some of the other and easiest ways are
  • Interact with people by posting your video links on relevant community pages
  • Publish your video to reputable video directories
  • Bookmark your videos on popular favorite sites (for example
  • Embed videos in your blog posts
  • Promote other related videos on your final screen

Here are some ways by which we can increase our YouTube subscribers in 2020. I have tried to give all which I could in this small blog. If any YouTuber has any other points on this topic please comment on it. 


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