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Tricks to See How the Super Bowl Square Template Work

There are just a few hours left before the matchup between Kansas City and Tampa Bay. The moment there is the buzz for the super bowl squares to occur, you will see your friends and coworkers passing along the super bowl squares. It might seem tricky to see the grids on the surface, but believe us, it is not.

There is a lot of fun, excitement, and money in store for you while playing for the super bowl squares. Besides this, it is random than the march madness, and you may need some knowledge of the sport to give the participants an edge. In addition, there are different ways of playing the super bowl squares.

Before participating in the super bowl squares template contest, bear this thing in mind that it is a game of chance and luck. It is a game that will spice up the fun for you and bring in money also. Here are some of the tricks to see how the super bowl squares template works.

Working of super bowl squares 

There is a 10×10 grid for most of the super bowl square template. Usually, the home team acquires the top row and visitor on the other side. Therefore, there are 100 squares in total to choose from. After drawing the grid, you need to invite the players to fill up the squares. You can make the grid by hand or get it online.

The players wonder if there is any science behind picking the right square. The answer is no. No science defines how one should choose the correct square because the numbers are drawn at random. But while picking the squares, keep this thing in mind that you will be left with a few combinations to work with if you pick the multiple squares from the row or column.

You can also use the winning and losing scores for a more complex pool instead of team names for a more complicated pool. In case you want to keep it simple, then use the team names. You can commence your game once all the squares are filled with names.

After this, the next step includes drawing the numbers. But before drawing out the numbers, check the combinations with the odds of winning.

Best numbers for super bowl square 

In super bowl history, there have been 212 winning number combinations. Here are those combinations which have stood out by quarter. There is a home team on the horizontal side, whereas on the vertical axis, there is a road team.

For instance, in the super bowl square template matchup between the Patriots and the Rams last season, the winning combinations were 0-3, 3-0, and 3-3. The other winning combinations are 0-3, 0-0, 7-0, and 0-7.

Drawing numbers for squares 

You must be familiar with it that the numbers are drawn randomly over here. So the best thing would be to look out for a person to do so. You should designate the person to draw the squares as per the rules and regulations. The numbers will range from 0-9. If you do not wish to do it manually, use the online number generator to draw out the numbers.

And it is not mandatory to use the 10×10 grid only. You can use the 25 squares grids also where each team will get two numbers instead of one. From both the horizontal and vertical positions, you should align your numbers with the square.

How to win a super bowl square template contest?

Most super bowl squares will be paying the winner after looking at the outcome of the first, second, third, and final quarter. If the final number in every team’s score relates to the end of the quarter, the said team is designated as the winner.

Betting on the super bowl squares contest

These days, people are up for virtual things, be it anything, and the super bowl square template contest is no exception. For this, you can draw your betting board and invite your friends for the same. Contrary to it. If you are looking for the big play, you can search for the top betting sites.

On every side, there will be a completely different format with unique buy-ins and prize pools. While looking for the sites, you will come across such sites offering you low-dollar contests, while others may be attractive to high rollers. It will feel the same as if you are playing offline with your friends and other workers. For the number of squares you wish to purchase, you need to pay the required fee and get started with it.

After paying the fee, the numbers will be assigned to you but randomly. If you figure in the lucky winners, then the site will pay you the real money for it. Besides this, a variety of payment methods are accepted by the online super bowl betting sites. Many people opt for credit cards, debit cards, e-wallet, or cryptocurrency. Now, there is also the provision to use bitcoin to buy the squares.

Worst square combinations 

Usually, the worst squares combinations to have in the super bowl are twos or fives. The combinations that figure in the worst are 2-2 and 2-5 as it usually takes some combinations of the safeties, some extra points, or other strangeness to get there.

Prizes of super bowl squares 

If you are wondering about the prizes of super bowls, they are paid at the end of each quarter. There are four awards. Keep in mind that the rewards are not paid evenly as the total prize is broken down into five parts. So that each share goes to each of the five quarters.

The prize money for the super bowl depends on the prices of the squares at which they are sold. Usually, the major share accrues to the owner, and others have a smaller share of the prize. Now you must be thinking of the odds of winning. If everyone has one square each, everyone will stand only one chance to bring home the cash. This is common in large pools, but people are still allowed to only purchase the numbers up to a certain extent.

If you are playing the game for the money, the best option will be to participate in a contest that permits you to buy more than one square. This is said so because an additional square means an increase in the chances of you bringing the money and winning along with good luck.

Rules to play the super bowl squares 

Before heading straight to play for the super bowl squares contest, make sure to learn about the rules of the same. The foremost thing you should do is ask the organizer about everything concerning the contest, like the payout, rules, and other things. Ask whether you can buy one square or more than one. Then knowing about the price of each square is also important. Besides his, learn about the grids as there are 25 or 100 squares grids.


Compared to all the other contests, the payout and fun element is quite high in super bowl squares contests and gives you the chance to earn money. Along with all the other things, pay heed to free sports picks daily to increase your chances to win the game.


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