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Trust us! Cut that Cable and Switch to Wireless Broadband Internet

Being one of the oldest technologies for bringing internet connection home, cable-based connections are extremely popular. But, in today’s digital world, as the number of wirelessly connected devices continues to rise steadily, wireless broadband internet connections is here to stay. According to TRAI, approximately 11 GB of wireless data is consumed by each wireless subscriber each month. This figure has been swelling drastically showing that most people now prefer wireless internet connections over traditional wired setups. More and more homes now have broadband connection Wi-Fi setups that allow connection of several devices simultaneously. 

Why is Cable Losing its Charm?

Wired cable

  • For every device that you connect, be it at home or in a business environment, you would need a separate cable. This also puts a strong expectation on the networking devices. There should be enough ports to handle all the wired connections in the network. 
  • There is a major disadvantage with using a cable and that is the distance restriction. The device has to be in the vicinity of the networking device like the router or modem. 
  • There is a compatibility issue that should be kept in mind. If the device in the picture does not have the connectivity interface as in the networking device or the cable connected, a suitable adapter should be purchased. In the end, all this adds up to the infrastructure cost involved in setting up the network. 
  • Finally, there is the challenging task of organising the clutter caused by all the cables. 

Benefits Offered by a Broadband Connection Wi-Fi

broadband connection services

  1. Portability is More Practical

Not all users would want the device they are using to be tethered to another device at all times. Take the case of using a smartphone or even a laptop at home. You might find it more flexible if there are no cords restricting you to one place. With a wireless connection option, you get to sit in your favourite spot without having to find a way to position the router close enough for a wired connection. You can move around the house anywhere within the Wi-Fi range and continue to enjoy internet connectivity without any interruption.

2. Ease of Maximising the Coverage

With wireless broadband connection Wi-Fi networks, you would be able to cover the whole house much easily. Relying on cables would not be practical in this case. A broadband wireless setup lets you access the internet from any room in your house. If you have smart appliances in the kitchen, they would still be able to connect to the wireless network created by the wireless router. All you need is for the device to be present within the range and anywhere away from the Wi-Fi dead zones. You can also use range extenders to get better signal quality around the house and an extended coverage. 

3. Easy Setup

Plugging the cable into the device where you would like to access the internet might appear to be the most straightforward way to do it. But when it comes to finding the compatible ports and then figuring out ways to share the connection with multiple devices you would face a lot of issues. This limitation is overcome by using a broadband wireless internet connection. Simultaneous connections can be made without the need for additional ports or additional cables. A good router with easy configuration options is all it takes to create the wireless setup you would require. Cost, time and efforts involved in personalising this setup become easier than what you get with dependence on cable. All it takes is to create strong credentials for accessing your wireless broadband network.

Most people are sceptical about wireless broadband connections mainly because of the security concerns. The truth is that cable is much easier to tap. Each type of internet connection has its own limitations. If you are worried about the vulnerabilities of a network in the wireless broadband segment, you should understand that there are many routers with strong security features available today. These can secure your devices and the home network on the whole. 

As you can see, a broadband connection Wi-Fi infrastructure is not just a practical consideration for the household, but also an economical one. In the long run, you would also find this to be a future-ready configuration. With the advanced router configurations available today, there is no upper cap on the number of devices that can wirelessly be interfaced in the same network. This allows dependable scalability in a network. All of these perks work well both at home and office setups of all sizes. 

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