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Turning On Notifications of Instagram

Did you turn off the numerous notifications of Instagram because it was annoying, and now you are missing out on lives, stories, and posts? If that is something you can relate to, this article is for you. Notifications of Instagram can be very annoying at times if you do not know how to manage it. Notifications are vital to get information and updates about what is going on in your social media. However, if you do not know how to handle and adjust your notifications, neither enabling them nor disabling them would help. Luckily, Instagram has the feature to customize notifications and filter them so that users can keep track of only those things they want to. You can say it is analogous to how the pin comments feature of Instagram works.

By correctly managing all the notifications, you can easily chuck out all the unwanted notification alerts and keep only those you want. Suppose you don’t want to see the messages from a particular person, but still want to be updated about their life. In such a case, you can modify the settings and adjust some options to get what you want. Furthermore, this can be helpful in blocking harmful content and scams as well. By default, Instagram always notifies its users about any information regarding them, such as every like, every comment, and every mention. Though these are defaults, they are controllable. If you don’t want to see notifications of any particular activity, you can mute them.

Controlling Notifications

Start by tapping on your profile icon that appears at the bottom-left corner of your app, and then click on the three horizontal lines, which is the menu from the top-right side. Now, choose the Settings option and go to the Notifications menu. In case you want all your Instagram notifications to stop as you find them intrusive in any way, then mute all notifications by clicking on the Pause All option to turn it blue. Now you will not receive any notification from Instagram for the amount of time you specified. However, if you want to stop alerts from a specific person, then open their account and click on the Following option. Now under the Notifications options, you will see the kinds of alerts you receive from that account. Use the toggle switch to control and manage them.

Though the Instagram app is the same on all devices but using them to change notifications may depend on the features of your phone as well. Android users have the option to stop notifications from any app, including Instagram using the Apps and Notifications option in their Settings menu, and then tapping on the App notifications to change them. While on the other hand, iOS users can use the Notifications option to change alert settings of the Instagram app. If you are using Instagram for Windows 10, you can complete the same action by clicking on All settings that appear in the menu bar and then choose System. After that, hit the Notifications and actions option from the sub-menu. Then find the Instagram app and adjust the toggle switch to change notification settings.

Instagram always has the solution to all your problems. It is the most user-orientated social media app. You might find changing these settings complicated at first, but they aren’t as difficult. You can customize what kind of alerts you want to get and what not by making slight changes. Handily restrict notifications from any particular account you do not like or stop receiving mention notifications from random accounts in just a few simple steps. We hope you will try these and won’t be disappointed.

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