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Two Most Common Plumbing Problems and When to Call the Plumbing Expert

From taps that leak to obstructed lines, plumbing incidents can unleash destruction on your home. Before you go and ring handyman services, let us tell you some fixes can be done by you.
Certainly, water spilled on the ground due to pipe leakage or broken faucets is a scary sight for any homeowner!

Plumbing issues can appear to be startling, with financial crises piling up into shocking bills. However, there are various advances you can take to tackle the issue before you bring in the Plumbing Services expert into your house!

This is what to do in case you experience one of these normal family plumbing issues in your property.

First of all

Likewise, with any sort of DIY work, the key is to plan rather than panic, which is more difficult than one might expect when confronted with lots and lots of water.

In case the water is coming into your home from a presumed burst pipe or another mystery source, the primary thing you should do is turn off the main power given at the fuse box.

Secondly, you’ll have to kill the main water supply. Close off valves are generally situated in the basement, close to the water meter, or on an external area or tap where the water supply comes into your home.

Next, get yourself a decent set of tools, that includes a bowl wrench, pipe wrench, turned spanner, pipe repair clip, plunger, and drain brushes or rods.

Wear something you wouldn’t fret about getting wet or grimy and ensure you have the contact information of Plumber Services just in case you meet an emergency.

Instructions to fix an obstructed drain

In case you’re having issues with flushing the toilet, your shower is not getting drained or water is returning up back into the sink, you may have an obstructed drain on your hands.

In most cases, just cleaning up the problem point and eliminating any undeniable deterrents may help, however, the issue likely could be at someplace you can’t see. Explore the issue further by lifting sewer vent covers or examining external channel pipes.

This may be messy work so wear elastic gloves and furnish yourself with a drain pole with a lounger to assist you with dislodging whatever is causing the blockage.

Make certain to turn your pole clockwise as you work – In case if you turn it anticlockwise, it might get unscrewed and get trapped in the channel, which can prompt another difficult situation you needn’t bother with for which you’d have to call the handyman services or Plumbing Services expert to get you out of the issue.

Next, Push against the blockage with the plunger. In case if this doesn’t work, take the plunger off the end of your pole and put a cork connection on rather get rid of the deterrent.

Clear the way by guiding a hosepipe down the drain to flush any trash out or fill the sink or shower and release the water in one go.

Instructions to fix a Leaking pipe

If your pipe has blasted, you can utilize a pipe repair clip temporarily. The brace can simply get clasped up over the burst zone.

As an alternative solution, you could utilize a self-fusing repair tape. To do this, eliminate any grime or soil from the pipe, cut around 20cm of tape, and remove the back cover.

A long-term solution that you can attempt would be burst pipe coupling, given the damaged area is no longer than 50mm and requires no expert devices.

In case of failure in performing this operation, you may need to embed another segment of pipe – a task best left to the Plumbing Services experts in case you’re an amateur.

So these were the two most common plumbing problems that you may come across often.  To avoid future plumbing problems, it’s wise to regularly clean drains to avoid such issues. Also, watch out for water usage. If the water in your water tank is loosening up quickly, there must be a leak that you don’t know of, and get the contact no. of plumbing services at your speed-dial. You may never know when the problems strike!

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