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Types of Cemeteries and Burial Options


Whether you are going through the process of future plans for your own funeral or dealing with the loss of a loved one, looking for a cemetery in Los Angeles can be confusing and overwhelming. The thought of death, whether we’ve experienced its impact or not, is a frightening one. All of these complicated feelings, coupled with the many cemetery options we are presented with, are contributing factors to the difficulty of choosing a cemetery in Los Angeles.

While we can’t make the decision for you, it’s important to give you a starting point. Knowing what options are out there is a step towards making the right choice for yourself or the special person you want to remember. Here is a list of the most common types of cemeteries and burial options, from cremation and mausoleums to green cemeteries and religious cemeteries.

Green Cemeteries and Burials

Green cemeteries and burials are part of the movement towards environmental consciousness. Simply put, a green burial is one that foregoes traditional caskets and opts for biodegradable containers, such as a natural wood or wicker casket, or fabric shrouds.

They do not include embalming, grave liners, vaults or tombstones. These kinds of burials are relatively uncommon, but they are growing in popularity amongst those who want to reduce the costs associated with funerals, as well as their carbon footprint. Because they involve much less than the traditional funeral, green burials cost significantly less.


A mausoleum is a way to honor loved ones and provide a sacred, intimate space for those who are left behind to pay their respects. Many people will opt for a family mausoleum, where generations of a family are laid to rest together. Mausoleums are rooted in a deep historical culture of honor and dignity towards those who have passed on. They also guarantee protection against the elements and nature, with some regarding them as a more dignified form of burial.


If it is in line with your loved one’s wishes, cremation is the perfect way to  commemorate them. Whether you choose to keep the ashes in an urn in a mausoleum or at home, or scatter them at a place that they adored, cremation is also considered a special way to remember the deceased.

Traditional Cemeteries

One of the most popular options, traditional cemeteries and burials involve erecting a gravestone or a small marker/ plaque for the deceased. Traditional cemeteries can be large parks with well-manicured green lawns, benches, and pathways.

They can also cater to people of specific religions by including statues and symbols.  Mausoleums are often found in traditional cemeteries, and some of them even offer green burials and cremation services, too. Additional services like memorial service planning is also a part of many traditional funeral homes. Because of their versatility and ability to cater to so many different needs, they remain some of the most common places for loved ones to be laid to rest.

As you are planning which cemetery in Los Angeles to choose, we hope that these options will provide you with some much-needed clarity.
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