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Types of Eyeshadow and Techniques To Apply Them

Perfect eyeshadow applying techniques


Buying eyeshadow can make you feel like a kid in a candy store, with an abundance of shadows, pans, and palettes at your disposal. While it can be tempting to hit that mauve shade that matches your favorite dress, it’s important to consider eye shadow formulas first. It is important to choose between the different types of eye shadows that best suit your style and the daily makeup routine when filling your makeup cases, to achieve the desired end.

Types of eyeshadow and how we can apply them

The type of shade we choose determines the occasion and the desired result according to the taste of each girl. Here are some types of shadows to choose from according to the purpose and technique we are looking for:

Pressed powder shadow

Pressed powder is a great type of eye makeup that is very much functional. The pigment is pressed into a mold and packed individually or on a palette with inevitable shades.

Above all, the best thing is that they suit all kinds of shades. It is marketed as a long-lasting or vibrant shade. For a pop of color, it’s best to press the powder onto the caps with a flat, dense brush. For a fuzzy, smoky look, use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to sweep the color across the crease of the eye and apply it to the eyelid.

Loose pigment

The loose pigment is one of the most utilized eyeshadow types which are also the favorite of the makeup artists. You can easily apply them without any help. You can apply them on your own and make use of any kind of brush to remove excess before pressing it against the eye. Subdue the color by mixing a drop of water with a quart-size amount of pigment and pressing it against the caps. Try holding a letter under your eyes while applying the shadow to catch any drips.

Liquid and stick eyeshadows

Liquid and stick shadows can be used easily for those days when you are traveling since they do not require brushes or applicators. Liquid shadows are typically highly pigmented and set quickly. A doe-foot must be used to apply the shadow. A dot to your eyelid and quickly blend it with your fingertips. Add more to increase opacity. Stick shadows are typically a mix of wax and cream and blend best on the lid with the pencil-shaped end. Use your fingertips to blend the shadow towards the outer edge of the brow for a natural gradient.

Eyeshadow finishes

The finish of an eyeshadow determines the effect it will have on your makeup look. Matte shadows create a very natural look. For a light wash of the color of the material, opt for a powder, and to go a little more daring, choose a cream. Metallic finishes create drama or add a subtle flattering glow. Try gold or a jewel shade with gold flecks for a special occasion. For every day, go for bronze or copper. Satin shades range from matte to metallic, making them perfect for transitioning from day tonight. The wholesale eyeshadow boxes will give all the information regarding the eyeshadows.


Depending on the type of shadow you will achieve the finish, it is important to know each of the eye shadow varieties and what is the final result of its texture on the skin. I hope this information covers your doubts and from now on you choose the type of shadow that your skin needs, for that dazzling and long-lasting finish.

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