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Types of videos for your site

In one of the previous articles, I wrote about the importance of video for your site. If you haven’t read it yet, do it now because this is the sequel. In this article, I will not detail how to make a video or the different video file formats, but I will show you just a few types of videos, which you could also try, to see if they are suitable for your business. At the same time, I want to tell you that it is now straightforward to create a video, and you do not even need paid software or the necessary tools to make them – because there are enough resources, even free.

There are many types of videos and many ways to catalog them. Still, I will limit myself to this definition of only 4, the main ones: animation videos, videos recorded “live,” videos broadcast live (as in TV), and video recordings of the computer screen. Of these, each primary type can be divided into several subtypes.

Animation Video

Animated videos – can be made with the help of various software – some paid, others free, and are distinguished from others by the fact that they are composed or made by hand. Their composition can include pictures, text, cartoons, and even small pieces of video-recorded “live” Here are some sub-types in this area:

Whiteboard animation videos (on the whiteboard )

Those videos in which you see a hand drawing on a white screen, various suggestive drawings, while a voice tells you the story of what it is trying to convey to you

Cartoon video

On the screen, you see different drawings, text, cartoons, and pictures, which follow each other at a fairly fast pace, and as audio, you have a voice that tells the action, music, or both

Animated text video (kinetic typography)

This is a very interesting type of video, and as the name suggests, it is text or letters that follow each other at high speed on the screen; here, we can have a voice in the background, music or both

Video of “collage” type pictures

This is the most accessible type of video to make. Most of the time, these are PowerPoint slides in which pictures (animated or not) were put, and on the audio background, you only have music. Sometimes there is also text – short explanatory titles of the pictures that follow each other, one after the other, in a slow rhythm.

Also, in this animation category, videos can include the type of video ” ugly sales letter ” (ugly sales letter) or the combination of the different types listed above. The “ugly sales letter” type is that type of video, usually made of white PowerPoint slides, on which whole sentences are written. These slides follow one another while in the background audio, a voice is heard reciting what is written on the screen. You’ve probably seen them before.… Although they are ugly to look at, they have a high conversion rate and were used for a while, judging by the statistics. Since the buyer became more demanding, they have lost their efficiency, but they remain at the top of the most used types of videos for sale.

These animation videos can be made with various software, the most popular: PowerPoint, OpenOffice Impress, Animoto, Powtoon, FlexClip, Videoscribe, Adobe After Effects, Easy Sketch Pro, and Windows Movie Maker.

Live Video

“Live” recorded videos

As the English name suggests – these are real-life recorded videos. To make them, you need a video camera or smartphone, a webcam, or a camera with the possibility of video recording. Ideally, they should be as efficient as possible to make the recorded image as good as possible. You also have an external audio recording source to make the resulting video as professional as possible. Here are some types of live videos:

Whiteboard video

Differs from the type of whiteboard above in that the film shows a natural person drawing or writing on a whiteboard and is not just software that generates that hand that writes. While making the presentation, the person uses the whiteboard to draw and write on it different concepts to create a clearer image of those presented in the mind of the viewer.

“Talking head” type video

This means “Talking head,” and this type of video was called that because the one presenting is only visible from the chest up and not entirely. This type of video is usually made with a camera built into your computer or webcam in online marketing.

Standard video recording

A particular scene from life, a nature show. In which the presenter is shown in full (or almost in total) – and this type of video can be made outside or in a recording studio or room, where the light must be appropriate for the image to come out as well as possible. You’ve probably seen them before if you took part in webinars. In this type of video, the presenter can use PowerPoint presentations, the “talking head” type, or screenshots, which you can read in the following passage. These live videos can be made with the help of platforms created especially for this. The most popular screencast platforms are,,, and, more recently, Google Hangouts and even Skype.

Some of these platforms are paid, and some are not. These live video broadcasts can be used as product or service presentations, direct sales, or online promotion. They are very effective, especially if you are a good seller and marketer. Still, they have a significant disadvantage that being broadcast live. You can not afford to make big mistakes, both in presentation and in a technical situation – for example, having a connection to the Internet is slow. In these unfortunate cases, the live broadcast, instead of increasing the authority and credibility of the presenter, will decrease it or even ruin it. So this type of video is for professionals. But for those who want to start simple and easy, I recommend Google Hangouts – which is free.

Computer Screen Recording Video

Video recording of the computer screen – in which a portion or all of the computer screen is recorded through special software. To make this type of video, you need software, and among the best and best known are: RecordCast, Camtasia, Screencast-O-Matic, Google Hangouts, CamStudio, or Windows Media Encoder. Again, here you have free or paid software. Usually, the paid ones are also the best… Through this type of video, you can make excellent demonstrations of how something works, and they are used as a demonstration or explanatory videos.

Many people are afraid to stand out in the online world through videos. They think that they are challenging to produce and that you need a lot of knowledge, or that they do not know how to make them, or that they do not look good enough to be filmed, etc. But all this is just an excuse, and if you want to stand out in the online environment and do business here, you should get over these excuses and start using the incredible power of video.

If you liked this article, please pass it on, and I will end with this question: do you use video, and if so, how do you do it? I am curious and eager to receive your answers.
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