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Upcoming Star Wars Shows on Disney Plus

In a few years “The Rise of Skywalker may be the last Star Wars feature by Disney but do not worry. Disney Plus is working on a lot of Star Wars shows that dwell deeper in the science fiction arena and entertain all the fans. The streaming network serves as a go-to platform for all who wish to binge on these feature films, and the set will be completed on the network by the time half of 2020 is past us. Fans felt like they struck gold when Disney Plus released the successful Star Wars based show, The Mandalorian, a year ago. It brought in a wave of new viewers for their popular shows like The Mandalorian along with the cute friend, “the child”. The viewers also experienced the pleasure of watching the well-acclaimed animated show “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.

But is that the end of the road for Disney Plus and its love story with science fiction series? Let us peek into the future and check out what is in store for us:

The Mandalorian Season 2 

This is not something Disney came up with after season one was released. The streaming site was very confident of the success that The Mandalorian will be and had already planned to begin season 2’s production right after releasing the first season. It might just be the largest upcoming project amongst Disney Plus Star Wars shows. Pedro Pascal will grace the screens again with his face covered with a bounty hunter avatar. It may not be officially confirmed yet, but literally, everyone wishes that “the child” or baby Yoda as he is lovingly called, is also seen alongside Mando. Season 2 might solve several questions that were left by season one like who the child is and why is the entire Star Wars so interested in getting him. Disney had fans thrilled when they announced that the new season would release in October 2020.

Ahsoka Comes to the Screens

The online streaming network has done a fabulous job, ensuring that season two’s plot is kept a secret, but the audience still managed to pry out some tit-bits. It has been reported that the production has signed Rosario Dawson as the lead in Ahsoka Tano. For the Clone Wars cartoon series, Ahsoka has established his place as the most exceptional character thus far. The erstwhile Padawan trainee of Anakin Skywalker has also made a guest appearance in the animated version of Star Wars: Rebels. It is highly unlikely that Dave Filoni, donning the hat of director in “The Clone Wars”, that of the creative head in Rebels, and being a part of executive production, direction, and writing team for The Mandalorian is mere happenstance.

For all we know, this might be intentional to better plan the shows. Dawson looks like a person to fit Ahsoka’s looks and personality. Still, the voice may not be perfect because the animated version’s voiceover is by Ashley Eckstein since the inception of the show in 2007 and they will not match at all. Will the viewers be able to look past the mismatch in voice created by Dawson and appreciate her character?

Will Boba Fett be present in the series? And who will play his part?

Several Hollywood reporters claim that we might get to see Boba Fett, the bounty hunter hailing from the original Star Wars movie triad in season two. Fett is known to don armour that is deceptively similar to that of the Mandalorian. The claims also promise that Temuera Morrison, who was cast as Boba’s father Jango Fett in the Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, will play Boba for this season. But the unexpected convolution is presented when we shed light to other claims that say Timothy Olyphant is part of season 2 too. It’s impossible to find out the exact role he will play in the show yet, but sources have sighted him wearing the Boba Fett armour.

More about the Season 2

Spoilers alert!

For the people who have seen the finale episode of the primary season, they witnessed the head of Imperial Security bureau  Moff Gideon slash himself by the debris of his TIE fighter. Though, he used a dissimilar lightsaber that radiated with a black light and held a contrasting border. Gideon held a Darksaber which made its first appearance in The Clone Wars animated.

Untitled Rogue One Prequel Series (2021)

This is another big production in the process by Disney Plus in Star Wars shows. The series intends to primarily target its focus towards the pair of most captivating characters of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie. Diego Luna will be back and rebel officer Cassian Andor. We will also get to see K-2SO, the previous Imperial droid that is not equipped to work side by side with the Rebellion.

Untitled Obi-Wan Series (2021)

An untitled series about Obi-Wan will be the next big project that Disney undertakes. Ewan McGregor, famous for his portrayal of Jedi in Star Wars prequels will be back to play Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi. Much has not been disclosed about the upcoming show, but we are sure that the show will be about events that fall somewhere between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Deborah Chow will be the director of all six episodes planned for the show.

Untitled Star Wars Series With a Woman as Central Character

Disney is reportedly working on another Star Wars series. The only fact disclosed related to it is that the central character will be a woman artist. The creator of the show is Leslye Headland, who was also the creator of the award-winning show “Russian Doll” that premiered on Netflix last year.

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