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Updated Feature on Spotify Creates Custom Playlist

Music is what keeps a lot of people going during the workout sessions. Do you experience the times when you want to give up on your exhausting burpees when the beats didn’t match your mood? There is no denial in the fact that music plays an integral role to keep you moving and in sync with your workout. Now that a lot of people cannot go to the gym, they have started working out at home and have taken charge of the beats while they sweat.

Spotify has come up with a new feature to follow your steps of customizing music for your workouts. In a blog launched by Spotify, they have revealed that now they are going to recommend not just songs based on your search, but a whole playlist based on your workout regime. To use this feature, you have to head on to the ‘Soundtrack Your Workout’ quiz website of Spotify. On their interactive site, you can choose your language and then give answers to the series of questions asked about your upcoming workout sessions.

Once you head onto the Soundtrack Your Workout website, you will be asked to log in to get your customized workout soundtrack. The questions will be related to your workout mood, the intensity level of the workout, and the length or time duration of your workout sessions. Once you answer all the questions, the site will automatically generate a perfect playlist for you. This feature is available for every person with a Spotify account, including the free account. Besides, you can also customize the playlist or add any podcast, motivational sound, news, or anything that you want to listen in between your sessions.

Spotify observed that their users created more than a million playlists related to workout, during the pandemic situations, for working out in their homes. Thus, they wanted to help their users to hunt for new tunes and add in their favorite mix to the playlist. So, if you are also running out of music, you can give ‘Soundtrack Your Workout’ a shot.

For promoting this purpose, Spotify joined hands with Corey Calliet, a fitness trainer who has worked with various celebrities like Michael B Jordan, Jasmine Sanders, Keith Powers, John Boyega, etc. He shared some of his views on the relationship between workout and music or podcasts. When he was asked about how essential music is for a sweat session, he said that “music keeps me moving and it keeps my tempo high, where I need it to be – making Spotify a critical piece of my workouts.” Moreover, Corey revealed that when he wants to exercise, he makes sure the beat of the song matches his every move so that he can enjoy his workout even more. You can also follow his footsteps by letting Spotify customize a playlist for you.

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Source-Updated Feature on Spotify

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