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Useful Google Lens Features

Google Lens is a technology developed by Google; this technology basically helps in recognizing the details or information related to the objects in an image. It is an amazing technology, and today we will share some fantastic features of it with you that will help you use Google Lens to its full potential.

Copy & Save Text

Google Lens can scan the data from your pictures and save it. This feature will help you save the information from books, magazines, notes, etc. Google Lens gives you the option of saving your contacts or address on your mobile phone. When you get the option of text, click it, and you will see the text highlighted. Highlighted text can be copied by clicking the “CopyText” option, and you are ready to save all the text.

Instant Translation

If you love traveling, then you may have faced problems in understanding new things or signs in your journey. Google Lens can help you translate things. You can use it to translate road signs, pamphlets, menus, and many other things. This is really a fantastic feature that makes understanding things easy, especially when you are at a new place.

Find Similar Products

Sometimes we find interesting stuff and want to buy it, but due to some reason, we can’t purchase it. It generally happens when you are at a party, and you see your friend wearing a classy shoe, watch or any other thing, and you want to purchase it. It’s quite impossible to find the same thing that your friend was wearing at the party. Don’t worry! Google Lens can help you deal with it. Just point your camera at the desired object, and Google Lens will suggest many similar products that you are looking for. This feature can make shopping an easy task for you.

Info About Movies, Books & More

It is quite tricky to decide which movie you should watch or book you should buy to read. Nobody wants to spend their money on irrelevant or worthless things. Fortunately, we have Google Lens. You can check the movie or book review by merely scanning the cover of the book or the poster of the movie. It will scan the cover or poster and give you ratings, summary and reviews about it. It will also give you ebook suggestions, buying links and will tell you whether the book is available or not to buy.

Identify Plants & Animals

If you are facing a problem recognizing an animal or a plant, open Google Lens and point the camera at the animal or plant. You will get all the information related to it, such as which species it belongs to, gender, characteristics, and many other things.

Location & Landmarks

Google Lens is integrated with Google search engine, and Google has information about all the famous buildings and landmarks. So, if you want to know anything about a building or landmark, just point your camera at the building, and you will get its location on Google Maps and all the desired information about it.

Learn Dishes

This is a fantastic feature, especially for food lovers. You are visiting a new restaurant and are not sure about the food, take the menu and point your camera to the dish and you will get all the desired information about the dish. You will also get the recipe of the dish that can help you prepare the dish at your home.

Track Your Package

If you want to track your package, turn on the Google Lens and point the camera at the shipping details of the package. It will get you the links to track your package, click the link and you will find all the desired information related to your package. It can also scan QR and bar-codes that can be beneficial for you to get all the necessary information about your package. Google Lens can be accessed from Google Photos and Google Assistant. It is really an amazing feature. It is integrated with almost all the popular Google services that make it quite fast and reliable. I will strongly suggest you try Google Lens.

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