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Useful Social Media Posting Apps

Are you an influencer and struggling between different social media platforms? Managing different social media platforms at a time is a little troublesome and tiring. It also creates lots of confusion and leaves you frustrated at the end of the day. Social media is ruling the advertising sector, and one has to follow the trend, or he/she will be left behind in the race of marketing. Keeping updated social media pages always helps maintain a position among your audience and keep your customers engaged. There are several social media management apps, which would provide you with a handy experience. With this software, one does not have to juggle with many accounts and manage only one app, which is easier to maintain.

Since there is a lot of such software, users might get confused about which one is best for them and which one they should get. This article will narrow it down and help you choose the perfect applications for you to have a hassle-free experience.


Loomly is fantastic software to use. It comes with a 15-days free trial. It comes with a guide feature- that guides its new users through the features, which is useful for new users.

It provides a customized calendar and time zone that can be set -according to the preferred industry and social media. The users can set his/her preferences so that Loomly can understand the kind of post he/she wants to share.

Loomly provides analytical data of all the posts, which helps to understand the performance better. It also offers an interactive feature where the user can scan comments, share, and tag.

Steps to create and schedule your post:

  • Create post details.
  • Select preferred social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and etcetera).
  • Define content.
  • Promote.


PromoRepublic is another useful application on this list. It also gives a trial and then charges $49/ month. PromoRepublic has a fantastic designing feature, which makes it unique. It provides a friendly interface.

One can use PromoRepublic to schedule posts for different social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and others. It provides 1000s of new ideas to design a post. It allows its users to use a wide range of graphics, for enhancing the look of the content.

Users can also select dimensions of their wish. It is a multi-tasker that saves a lot of time. It also increases the aesthetic value of the content and helps the influencer reach their target audiences effectively.


AgoraPulse is a fully featured social media management app that comes with a subscription. It provides a free trial and then charges $99/ month to enable all of its features. The Inbox is its incredible feature. The users can track their comments, likes, shares, post, tags, interactions, reviews in Inbox.

AgroPulse offers a variety of options to design and create content. You can also find various ways to publish it. One can also publish the content at a scheduled time appropriately through the calendar.

The user can import posts from CSV files, websites using RSS feeds, or as a group of pictures. It also allows us to evaluate the audience’s reactions and opinions carefully. It is a very efficient app to effectively attract the target consumers.

These are three best app management softwares that any social media user can use to increase their followers and handle all social media accounts with ease.

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