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VPNCity: Best VPN at a Budget-Friendly Price

Most of the users use a VPN for circumventing their locations and for streaming some of their favorite content on sites like Netflix. In that case, you can use the VPNCity application.

Firstly, VPNCity allows you to add 12 connections at a time, which is more than the 5 connections offered by other VPN providers.

There are two-panel interfaces on the windows. In this app, you will get all the country’s locations, and you can choose the location as per your requirement from this list.

Apart from listing the countries, there is a tab that allows you to use a variety of geo-restricted streaming services, or you can say that there is a feature of anti-VPN in this app. The app supports Disney Plus, HBO Now, iPlayer, BBC, Australia’s ABC iView, and ITV Hub.

It is a simple and straightforward app, but it doesn’t have something that makes it remarkable. It has a decent number of country connections (34), along with the 3,000 servers. VPNCity has the ability to stream popular content from most of the streaming platforms.

VPNCity does all the things in the right direction and turns off all the options by default. It has the option of connecting the app at the time of starting windows. The VPN will connect automatically when the app launches. If by any reason, VPN connection drops, the internet-connected apps also get shut down. The only idea for this procedure is to protect your online activity from hackers. The app also has the ad blocker, which is turned on by default. The VPNCity enables IPv6 blocking automatically, which provides an identification and location system for computers on the networks.

Trust About VPNCity

For signing up and using the application, VPNCity requires your password and email address. But if you need more privacy, you can opt for the other options like OVPN and Mullvad, which don’t require any email address and password.

The annual subscription of the VPNCity costs you around $48. You can also get a month-to-month subscription or six months subscription and you can buy it as per your requirement.

Performance of VPNCity

It gives solid reliability, but you can’t count it in the fast category. But sometimes you will see that the speed is amazingly fast in some specific locations, but it is not consistent.

Still, the speed is enough for performing most of the cases.


Undoubtedly, it might become one of the finest services. You don’t need to worry about its compatibility as it works well with content streaming platforms like Netflix. With a good number of servers, it provides better functioning of this app. Even it also works with the WireGuard.

The features in this app are subject to change as it gains new features and the performance improves over time. Online services change frequently, so you can expect some minor or significant changes that might reflect its services for the users.

Source:-    Best VPN at a Budget
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