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VPS Use Cases – What Can I Do With A VPS Hosting Mexico?

Before diving into what VPS Mexico can do for you, lets first understand what VPS Hosting is.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which divides one physical server into many partitions using virtualization technology to rent out to its multiple users. With VPS Hosting, one gets complete access to dedicated CPU, RAM, SSD read/write speed, etc.

If you compare VPS hosting with other two hosting options such as Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting, you will find that VPS is more beneficial and pocket-friendly. 

In this article, I have discussed various VPS Hosting Mexico use cases right from web hosting to game server, web server, mail server, VoIPs, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and Backup server. 

So, Let’s Get Ready to Dive!


VPS Hosting Mexico: Use Cases

VPS Hosting Mexico : VPS Use Cases

1. Web Hosting

When thinking about what VPS Hosting Mexico is mostly used for – Web Hosting is the first thing that comes to mind. 

Though Shared Hosting is cheaper than VPS Hosting, VPS en Mexico gives the best value for money spent. It is pretty unbeatable when it comes to performance, RAM, server CPU, bandwidth, and fastest disks.  

2. Run a Game Server

Due to easy accessibility to the internet in the past decade, Online Gaming has become popular among many of us. This has not only shown the steady growth of online gaming, but has also increased the demand of VPS server. 

With VPS Hosting Mexico, you can play online games with your friends by setting up an online game server. There is a big list of online games that you can host; some of them are – Minecraft, CS:GO, World to WARcraft, etc. 

Usually, People use a Dedicated server to host Gaming sessions. Due to the high cost involved, now VPS is gaining popularity as it provides almost the same performance at a much lower cost than Dedicated Hosting.

Using VPS Mexico for playing online games doesn’t require many resources from a server; therefore, VPS is a perfect choice for this use. 

3. Host a Web Server

VPS is also used for Hosting Web Servers. 

For Example, with VPS Hosting’s help, you can run any static website and software like Nginx, Apache, OpenLiteSpeed, or upload HTML files. 

You can install many software like – Ubuntu, cpanel, CentOS, WordPress, TLS Certificate, etc. 

4. Setting Up A Mail Server

Another service that you can use VPS in Mexico for is to set up a mail server. 

Many businesses pay a hefty amount to use these hosted emails. 

Where Saas services charge, according to mailboxes, The VPS’s most basic plan is enough to handle open-source email servers to host all of your employees’ email addresses. 

Though many open-source email servers are available on the internet, they require some extra technology expertise to run. If you can take care of technological savviness, you can easily self-host your company’s email server. 

5. Stay In Touch With VoIP

A VPS is best suitable for hosting your own VoIP server to make calls over the internet.  

VoIP is used as an internet phone for many things, such as to call people on their actual phones, talk to colleagues while working, or play online games. 

6. Set Up A VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Due to increasing cybercrimes, most businesses use VPN to hide online payment and company and client data details. But, Is VPN alone helpful?


Whether it is a paid VPN or a Free VPN, both are susceptible due to their suspicious ownership, as some even sell users’ data. But if you install a VPN on your VPS, then it could be proved as a lifesaver. 

Mostly, people are used to public WiFi, which makes their data vulnerable to potential hackers. You will rarely find any secured WiFi network in public places. But having a VPN on your own VPS makes sure that your every browsing session is safe and secure. Whether you are at the airport or having coffee down the street, you can freely access your bank accounts and financial data without the fear of online fraud. 

7. External Backup Server

If you are seriously working online, then it becomes a must for you to back up your files.  Sometimes, we lose essential or all files, folders or even entire drives for one or another reason. Taking precaution to avoid such uncertainty should the first most priority of every business. 

Many of us, back up important files either in USB sticks or hard drives. Since we have many files, how many USB’s or Hard Drives you will buy?  VPS Server works well in this situation;  it can provide you as much as space you require at one place to store your online backup repository. 

VPS also works as a file server; using the internet, you can get access to your files sitting anywhere in the world. 

With VPS Mexico, you can also get a backup server of your website. If any day something goes wrong with your website, you just go back to your old backup and restore your website.  

Isn’t that simple, fast and hassle-free?


Choose VPS Hosting Mexico from Industry-leading web hosting provider

Serverwala provides one of the best VPS hosting Mexico. The company vows to provide quality services in terms of speed, 24 hours technical support (via email, skype, etc.), performance, scalability, security, cost, and reliability. Serverwala provides VPS Hosting with both Linux Technology as well as Windows Technology. Linux VPS Hosting Mexico’s Basic plan starts @$25/per month and VPS Windows Mexico @$35/per month only. 

For any inquiries relating to VPS Hosting, contact the expert of Serverwala at +91 9772222179


Hopefully, after reading this article, you understand that VPS Hosting can be used for more than web hosting. Whether it is hosting a server, gaming sessions, emails, baking up files, applications, installing software, setting a VoIP or creating your own VPN, VPS in Mexico is the best choice for you. 
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