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Want to be happy? – 10 proven ways to be happier

In this small world, everyone wants to be happy and they try to be happy every time. But the truth is that in this world some are more successful and some are less and the other big truth is that by having only success one cannot be happy in their life. Some people think that they know what they need to be happy.

But there are people who go through depression and anxiety and don’t know how to tackle the situation. In this time, you can take the help of psychologist gold coast.

Here are some tips and steps for finding and bringing inner happiness out:

  1. Regular Exercise

Most people avoid exercising regularly. They think that they are perfectly fit and have no need to do exercise.

By doing regular exercise one can be relieved from daily stress, mental illness, and anger. So by doing morning exercise one can achieve a good and healthy lifestyle and can be happy and become an active personality. For being happy, schedule a 15 min daily exercise. It will bring lots of positivity to your life.

There are so many benefits of doing regular exercise. It can improve your mood, you start thinking positively, you may feel light, active, and so on.

  1. Take good and deep sleep

Good sleep is really important. Good sleep helps to recover the body tissues, good sleep is really important for mind relaxation, by having good sleep one can focus on their daily task. And the most important thing is that by taking a deep sleep one can be happy in their daily life.

In scientific research, it is proved that males should take at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep and females should take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Because the female body needs more rest than the male. As per the researcher, women tend to multi-task and use more of their brain than men so they need more rest than men.

So if one uses their brain more during the day then that person needs to take more and good sleep. After all, taking good sleep is a must for being happy in our life. If you do not sleep properly then the whole day you will be moody and your brain will not work normally.

  1. For being happy try to spend time with your family and friends

One of the main reasons that you are getting bored in life is that you’re not in touch with your family and you are always avoiding your friends. Because In every person’s life a social life is a must. According to one research, spending time with your family and friends can make a great difference in your life.

So make good friends and share your emotions with them. By doing so, one can feel relaxed and stress-free.

  1. Go outside more

In this busy and hectic life, everyone needs to take a break and needs to go outside. But it is not that easy. Everyone wants to earn money and earning money is today’s need. Without money, no one can survive in this world. But having a healthy lifestyle is also today’s need. And to have a healthy life one must take a break and go for an outing. Otherwise, you are only earning money for your medical emergencies.

So take a break from your busy schedule, plan the trip, and enjoy nature’s beauty. There is only one life, be happy, enjoy it. Or you will live like a robot.

  1. Try to help others

One of the great and most peaceful things for being happier in life is that you should help others. Nowadays people only spend money on shopping and buying food items. Most people spend money on materialistic things so that they can look rich. Giving money to needy people is really difficult for them.

People should help needy people. Doing small things makes a huge difference. Let’s take an example, there is one person who doesn’t have food and you gave him food to eat. By doing so you will feel so much happy. By doing help to others, you feel positive and peaceful.

  1. Be happy for no reason

Try to be happy for small reasons. By giving a reply with a smile is a very positive sign of a person. One smile can solve problematic situations. So try to be happy always and give your precious smile.

By smiling one can feel better and more effective to other people. Don’t make a fake smile on your face. Because by doing so you are hiding your emotion inside. So practice a real smile. It will help you to increase your internal energy and you start feeling better. Smiling is one of the first aid medicines you can give to yourself in a mental illness situation.

  1. Do meditation

Everyone should practice meditation. Meditation can change your life entirely. By doing meditation regularly you can control your body from sudden anger, depression, stress, and lots more.

Meditation helps to clear the mind and sharpen it. By doing meditation on a regular basis, one can improve their life.

  1. Concentrate on your work

While working on any particular thing, one should have a concentrated mind. Suppose, you are working as a java developer but due to a disturbed mind you are unable to concentrate on the work. By doing so continuously, you can lose the job. To avoid such a situation, you should create a schedule and you should follow it strictly.

  1. Listening to music

Music is a kind of therapy. Some people listen to music before going to sleep. Music helps to relax the mind. If you listen to happy songs then you will feel happy and vice versa. So while listening to music make sure that you are selecting the right music.

  1. Enjoy what we have

Last but not least. It is very important to have mental peace with the things you have. If you are not enjoying the things you have then no matter how much you will get in the future you won’t be satisfied.

So be thankful for the things you have. It will help you to achieve the things you can’t imagine.


Being happy is a choice. And if you are determined to be happy then no one can stop you from it. Always make a decision that will make you happy and live your life to the fullest.
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