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Warner Bros’ Lively Trailer Strategy for Dune

The time has come for Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune.

The revelations about the much-awaited remake of 1984 film Dune will soon start hitting the headlines.

It is understandable to know that people may have forgotten about cinemas altogether with no hope for the industry to get back on its feet this year, but they may be wrong because the virus spread is slowing down in some countries, and we can confirm that slowly, but surely Cinema industry is making progress to make a sensational return into people’s lives.


With the reopening of AMC theaters along with others this month, the cinema industry is dusting off with the screenings of classic films like Empire Strikes Back, Inception, Back to the Future along with new releases like Unhinged and Tesla.

Christopher Nolan’s big-budget mainstream action film is also gearing up for September 3rd release, having already been released in 70 countries on August the 26th.

However, the pandemic is still holding its grip on all of us but with Wonder Woman, New Mutants, No Time to Die, and Candyman lining up, movie theaters, as well as distributors, can hope to attain some sort of momentum in their favor.

The interesting thing to note is the Warner Bros.’ newborn strategy for hyping up their upcoming films.

Let me jog your memory just a little bit. Last year, just around this time, Tenet’s very first teaser was released ahead of “Hobbs & Shaw” in select screenings. We didn’t get the first trailer for Tenet up until December. The same strategy was implemented with Birds of Prey. Its teaser debuted ahead of It: Chapter 2 and the trailer was released a month later in October.

It looks like Warner Bros. have found a new way to hype up a big-budgeted potential blockbuster because Dennis Villeneuve’s upcoming film Dune is all set to introduce itself ahead of Tenet screenings starting August the 30th, Sunday in global markets and then domestically from September the 3rd.

Apparently, Warner Bros. has revealed its plans for Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune and has said that the official trailer for Dune will arrive online not later than September the 9th at 12 PM Eastern Time but before that, a teaser will be attached to the screenings of Tenet both globally and domestically.

Tenet’s first teaser which came out last year and ran only for one minute in which it showed the protagonist of the movie John David Washington inspecting a broken window. Nothing about Time Inversion was revealed around that time and fans had to wait up until December before they got any idea about the plot of the movie.

It was understandable because Christopher Nolan has always been quite secretive about any project he is involved in and his love for theatrical experience might have been the source behind the idea of releasing footage exclusively to theaters.

We can look at this strategy in two aspects. First, it creates a buzz among the fanbase who then set sail on their hunt for the footage that was shown in the theaters, which might increase the film’s overall popularity among the public. Second, it gives the film with which the teaser is associated to get more people involved in their viewership.

The ensemble cast of Dune includes Timothee Chalamet who will be playing Paul Atreides, Zendaya of Spiderman: Homecoming fame, Rebecca Ferguson who is known for playing Agent Faust in Mission Impossible franchise, Oscar Isaac, Dave Bautista, Jason Momoa who has recently delivered a blockbuster with DCEU’s Aquaman, Stellan Skarsgard who is also a familiar face from MCU films and recently concluded HBO hit show Chernobyl.

Source-Warner Bros’ Lively Trailer Strategy
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