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Wasteland 3: How to Make Your Way through Survivalist Bunker

Wasteland 3: How to Make Your Way through Survivalist Bunker

Wasteland 3 has finally arrived for the consoles of current generations. The game has brought some new missions in the game, and for the first time, they have introduced the multiplayer as well. The Wasteland franchise is well-known among gamers who love to play role-playing action games. With a new sequel Wasteland 3, the developers have added the multiplayer mode. In this mode, two players can go on a single mission. A variety of missions have been added in the game, so if two players want to play, they surely can play it.


There are several missions available in the games, including the side missions. One of the side missions of Wasteland 3 asks the player to save a character named “Ironclad Cordite.” You may not understand why the game gave you a side mission like this, but this character will play a major role in the end. If you are stuck in this mission, here’s a guide to find Ironclad Cordite in the Old Survivalist Bunker area.

Wasteland 3 is lengthy in size, but this side mission comes at the very beginning of the game. You can locate the entrance of the Old Survivalist Bunker inside the Patriarch’s statue at the Broadmoor Heights. You will find multiple opponents in your path that must be defeated. Those adversaries will block your path, so it’s necessary to defeat them to clear the path.

You can use some simple but effective strategies like “Hard Ass” to stop the enemies or “Animal Whisper 5” to summon a “Cyborg Chicken” for help. Especially the Hard Ass is a unique skill, and if you upgrade its level to 7, it can dominate over several types of enemies.

After you defeat your opponents, you have to locate a door. You’ll find a side door that will lead you to a basement packed with plenty of enemy frogs. Using weapon attacks won’t put much damage on those frogs, so it’s better to ignore them and look for the containers in the area.

If you don’t hit the frogs, they’ll ignore your presence, and you can easily complete your task. You have to repair the generator with Ranger and Mechanics 6. After doing it, you will be able to interact with Ironclad Cordite by a vent. After interacting and giving him the ammo, he will be ready to help in the ongoing quest for helping him.

Once the conversation with Ironclad Cordite is over, get back to the hallway, and go into the door on the right side to enter the room.  Ironclad Cordite will be there. Here, you will have three choices for Ironclad Cordite that will decide his fate. You can either make Ironclad Cordite join the squad, leave him where he is or kill him. The choice is completely yours, and once you made your decision, head to the entrance of the Old Survivalist Bunker. There you simply need to interact with the contract to finish the current quest.


In the game, players have the choice of what type of experience they want to get. If players prefer to have Ironclad Cordite in the squad, they can get extra help. Ironclad Cordite is a great and useful character in the game. He can help in upcoming levels, but if any player doesn’t want him, they can leave him behind.

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